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Interactive sessions on the Tata Code of Conduct taking place at various Voltas locations.

Voltas conducts its relationships and dealings - in business and otherwise - in accordance with the Tata Code of Conduct. This provides a framework for employees to make ethical decisions and take ethical initiatives on their own.

This framework is implemented and monitored by the Company Ethics Counselor, in tandem with an Ethics Committee at Voltas Head Office in Mumbai. They take the necessary steps to create and sustain a work environment in which employees have a clear, common understanding of right and wrong, and feel free to discuss ethical issues and report violations. Systems and processes have been put in place to facilitate the voicing of genuine concerns.

The Ethics Counselor,  Officers and Ethics Committee promote and facilitate ethical behaviour within the Company, and with all agencies or business partners (including but not limited to customers and vendors) in their dealings with the Company.  An environment is created for people to feel free to come forward with any concerns about non-ethical behavior; any such concerns are investigated properly in complete confidence, so that the person/s making the report are protected from any retaliatory actions.

This policy is followed at all branches, manufacturing units and other locations, overseen by Locational Ethics Counselors. Location-level initiatives include:

•  Periodically conducting both formal and informal sessions on the TCOC
•  Iinculcating Voltas’ ethical values among suppliers, vendors and contractors
•  Broadening the perception of the TCOC beyond a set of dos and don’ts
•  Encouraging employees to think beyond their normal orientation towards    solutions, using case-studies as a teaching tool for greater understanding    and participation.

Email Id of Ethics Counsellor is ethics@voltas.com

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