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A glimpse of the successes and capabilities of
Voltas Singapore.

It's well known that the Mid-Eastern construction industry is known for spectacular showpieces, iconic work that commands superlatives – tallest this, largest that, first of its kind and so on. In the Far East, especially Singapore, the focus is more on public works, utilities that address civic and social and national concerns, with an eye to the future. They are less striking and newsworthy, yet have a greater impact on the living quality of larger numbers of people.

In the highly demanding and specialised market, Voltas Singapore has carved out an enviable position over the course of 10 years. Its very first successful bid was in 2002 (in a 'joint operation' with United Engineers). The project was completed to the client's great satisfaction, and in short order all the requisite licenses were  obtained - valid for even the largest high-value projects.

Even more importantly, Voltas consolidated its standing and reputation, winning and keeping the confidence of its clientele. In recent years, Voltas has opened up new horizons by being registered with Singapore's Buildings & Construction Authority for numerous work-heads and grades. This makes it possible to participate in practically all tenders (excepting those which call for pre-qualification in specialised niches such as laboratory work, or medical clean technology).

Capitalizing on Voltas' own 'green' orientation and reputation, Voltas Singapore also won 'Green Mark' certification, and can go after the growing number of energy-and-eco-conscious projects springing up in SE Asia.

Some interestng and challenging projects, both finished and ongoing, demonstrating Voltas Singapore's capabilities.

Changi Water Reclamation Plant Project (CWRP)
For the 400,000 m3 per day (4 MLD) Liquids Module, Voltas undertook the process mechanical works, approximating SGD 104 million in value. Installation and testing/ commissioning were followed by a plant proving period, with: • Challenging specialist treatment processes and equipment • 55 km of pipe work of as much as 3m diameter • State-of-the-art automated controls • Advanced odor control treatment within the enclosure building.

For Voltas, it was not just a challenging and large-scale job flawlessly executed, but also a chance to contribute to the world's largest and most admired urban water management system.

District Cooling Plant for Resorts World Sentosa
A design-and-build project valued at SGD 48.2 million, of 15000 RT executed capacity [18,000 RT design capacity], and completed in record time. Since its inauguration in October 2009, the DCP has continuously and reliably provided chilled water to the Resorts World development, including numerous areas comprising the casino, hotels and the renowned Universal Studios complex. This project entailed the adoption of the 3000RT Chiller, the first of its kind [size] in Singapore.


Marina Coastal Expressway
An example of the large-scale public works with which Singapore often makes the news, the 5.5-km-long expressway was executed in the southern tip as well as centre of Singapore. It includes 3.5 km of tunnel work, part of which runs undersea.

Voltas won the critical tasks of tunnel ventilation coupled with the Environment Control System, valued at SGD 53.3 million. The job included upgrading and modifying the control system in the adjacent 12-km-long Kalang-Paya Lebar Expressway [KPE] tunnel, with a view to eventually integrating both tunnels.

For Voltas, the most daunting challenge was the timeline, with a pre-set inflexible expressway opening date. It called for meticulous planning and timely procurement, given the absence of on-site storage space. Execution too had to be of clockwork precision, allowing for civil works setbacks and access hurdles, to meet the completion deadline of June 2013 (just two months prior to the expressway's own inauguration)

Marina Bay Sands Link Chamber
An MEP infrastructure project for the Marina Bay Sands, a spectactular resort integrating a 3-storey museum with a 5-storey podium complex – consisting of MICE, casino, theatre, retail establishments and basement carpark, along with 3 blocks of 57-storey hotel development complete with skypark and 5 basement levels of car parking.

The various facilities and utilities were interconnected by a tunnel complex and link chamber, requiring cooling and ventilation. Voltas' challenge was to provide and instal large-sized cooling water pipeworks of 1400m diameter, 23 large-sized plate-type and heat exchangers, tunnel ventilation fans and related electrical, plumbing and sanitary works. A job of considerable scale and complexity, executed to the client's complete satisfaction.

Common Services Tunnel
This is designed to be a conduit for various facilities and utilities (water supply, electrical and fire services, varied communication systems, piped refuse collection, chilled water supply and other urban infrastructural services). The focus is on the Marina South as well as the City centre of Singapore. Valued at SGD 19.8 million, the CST work will run in parallel with construction of deep RC tunnels.

Voltas has been entrusted with part of the overall tunnel system, with a completion date of August 2015. The key challenge lies in managing the different needs of the two Main Contractors engaged for the two parts of the tunnel. An additional constraint is to progress work in synch with the progress of civil works (tunnel formation and completion) including accommodating civil work delays of parts of the tunnel.

Water pipes at Marina Bay Sands