For Abu Dhabi's Yas Water Park: complete MEP works

It's the largest, eco-friendliest and most energy-efficient theme park in the Middle East...and the winner of the 2012 MEP Middle East awards for 'GCC Project of the Year.' Voltas provided a full spectrum of MEP works over a working area of 150,000 sq kms, covering not just the 43 water rides, but also food and beverage areas, the souk, cark park, ticket building, prayer room and other assorted structures.

5.6 million litres of water is channelled hourly through a complex network of pipes and pumps. Preinsulated underground pipe work brings in chilled water for HVAC, from the nearby Tabreed District Cooling Plant.

Yas Water Park is a showcase of 'green' standards, including the choice of the most energy-efficient equipment, the use of natural gas for boilers, and water reycling practices based on the code of 'not one drop wasted'.

  A major challenge for Voltas lay in the vast area of operations, and the lack of a city infrastructure. It required detailed planning and logistics to ensure that execution proceeded without a hitch.

Voltas' solutions included :
• 12 km of 350mm underground pipework for chilled water supply, filtration and decontamination systems, booster pumps, and 34 km of pipes forming a mesh to channelize water through all the various rides
• 2600 TR of HVAC
• 13.5 MW power supply
• lighting and other electrical utilities, including ELV systems
• comprehensive fire detection, suppression and prevention systems
Scope of works :
  • sanitary appliances installation
  • internal draining installations
  • hot and cold water plumbing
  • air conditioning
  • chilled water
  • boilers & low temperature hot water installations
  • ventilation systems
  • electrical installations
  • gas line installations,
  • fire and lightning protection
  • building management services
  • communication, PA/BGM and security installations
  • filtration systems
  • external storm water and foul water drainage
  • external water installation
  • electrical installations
  • allowance for cooling and heating to pools
  • electrical and mechanical rooms
  • mass piping
  • sound system & radio system
  • irrigation system
  • cooling mist system
  • street lights
  • diesel generators
  • fuel oil system
  • extra low voltage (ELV) systems
  • energy conscious LED lighting
  • firefighting and fire suppressant systems.