Landmark projects in the Middle Voltas
On skylines and cityscapes in the Middle East, you'll find some of the world's most awe-inspiring structures. You'll encournter built environments and public spaces which are brilliantly innovative in design, futuristic in technologies, and awesome in scale and scope. And you'll find Voltas deeply involved in many of them, contributing design and execution of world-class electro-mechanical technologies.

By winning a slew of prestigious project orders in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, Voltas has proved beyond all dispute that it is a force to reckon with in the global league. With projects successfully executed in over 30 countries, Voltas has long been India's largest exporter of Mechanical, Electrical & Public Works (MEP) projects. Today, the Company's reputation goes far beyond that statistical distinction, into the dimensions of global standards, respect and trust. Voltas has the unquestioned credibility to bid for, and win, the most demanding high-value projects, on par with leading international contractors.

The 700 m Burj Tower rises like an exclamation mark emphasizing that statement. The 162-storey edifice will be practically a vertical city, with residential apartments, hotels, boutiques and offices, arranged in a stunning spiralling taper which evokes the geometrics of desert flowers and familiar Islamic architectural motifs. Voltas was awarded the sub-contract for MEP jointly with Emirates Trading Agency (Dubai) and Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Company (Singapore). The overall sub-contract value is AED 829 million (Rs 974 crores), with Voltas' share being AED 311 million (Rs 365 crores). The tower is being developed by EMAAR Properties, Dubai, with Samsung Corporation being the main contractor.

When executing this project, Voltas has been at global centre stage, along with all the others helping build the Burj Khalifa district - including 500 international consultants and more than 20,000 construction workers. The entire urban development promises to be truly futuristic in its vision, epic in its proportions, and dazzling in both design and engineering terms. By being part of this landmark development, Voltas entrenches itself as a global force to be reckoned with.

Then there's the Wafi Hotel and Mall,  a stunning pyramid-shaped 240-room hotel in Dubai. The edifice houses nine food & beverage outlets, ball room, 7 meeting halls, spa, gym and a 242,000 sq ft retail space. Voltas won the order for complete electro-mechanical works (HVAC, electrical, plumbing and drainage).

Equally awesome projects are the Mall of the Emirates, the largest shopping facility outside N America; and the Villaggio Mall in Abu Dhabi, whose major outlets include Carrefour (14000 sq. m.), ice rink (60m x 30m), seven cinemas and one multiplexer, entertainment facilities, indoor canal with boating facility and many other specialties.

For something entirely different, there's the Ferrari Experience in Abu Dhabi. It's the centrepiece of Abu Dhabi’s $40 billion Yas Island project. Developer Aldar Properties’ vision for Yas Island is “to become the world’s foremost tourism and leisure playground”. Designed by Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, the Ferrari Experience features 24 attractions that will promote the Ferrari brand.

The rides include a water ride through a massive Ferrari engine and a high-tech simulator ride involving a 70m-high ‘g force’ tower mimicking a racetrack’s cornering forces. A twin roller-coaster ride, a world’s first, is also planned. Driving experiences will be offered in the only Ferrari driving school outside the automaker’s base in Italy. Other family-friendly fares include an Italian piazza, an interactive museum, a theatre for live performances, and Ferrari stores.

Voltas’ scope of work includes MEP services for all landlord (i.e. common) areas and an interface of these services with tenant area services.

A companion project is the F1 Race Track, also on Yas Island, and part of the same vacation complex. The track is 5.6km long, divided into a 3km permanent circuit for the public and a 2.6km city layout exclusively for Formula One racing. boasting an average speed of 198 km/h. There are 26 buildings along the track. The large ones include Main Grand Stand, North Grand Stand, West Grand Stand, Dragster Grand Stand, PIT Building A & B, Media Centre, Medical Centre, Workshop, Plant Building, and Kitchen, etc.

Voltas’ scope of work includes supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Public Works systems, including chilled water distribution, conditioned air distribution, smoke extract system, fire-fighting system, domestic cold and hot water distribution.

In recent years, Voltas has been increasingly prominent in Qatar. Especially noteworthy is the contract for the Sidra Medical & Research Centre, the first such facility in the region based on the N American model. Located on a 22-hectare site, the Centre has a full teaching hospital, specialist departments, outpatient clinics, and complex systems for traffic flow, people movement and interconnectivity. Voltas will execute all building works, utilities and services except the purely electrical.

In years to come, it's safe to say that Voltas will be increasingly showcased on global cityscapes, in edifices featuring futuristic architecture combined with complex large-scale technologies. Other companies seek new horizons; Voltas helps create them.

                           Ferrari Experience & F1 racetrack, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Sidra Medical & Research Centre, Qatar 

Villaggio Mall, Qatar 

Wafi Hotel & Mall, Dubai

Burj Khalifa