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Enhance your own value at Voltas
A job or career at Voltas makes so much sense when you seek to stretch yourself - and your prospects.
There are so many ways in which you can boost your skills, knowledge, experience and even entrepreneurial capabilities.

World-class engineering & technology applications
Our long-established leadership can rub off on you. Voltas is India's premier global player in air conditioning and engineering services. For over 50 years,
it has helped introduce, innovate and adapt the world's most advanced technologies in India - as well as in large, complex projects in over 30 countries overseas. Voltas puts you in that vanguard.

Sign up for global growth
The new-millenium Voltas is fully geared for growth in today's global business environment. The company's plans build on its record of international achievement, and
the global potential of all its core competencies. Be a part of our world-wide adventure. Face today's challenges with us.

Belong among the best
The new-millennium Voltas is attracting more and more of the nation's best talents. It's a milieu in which you can be stimulated and
challenged to prove yourself among your peers - and flourish with your fellow-Voltasites.
Multiple businesses, multiple growth paths

Voltas India's largest airconditioning company With its leadership position in varied engineering / technology markets, Voltas offers a wide variety of exciting growth opportunities,

as well as career mobility within the richly diversified Tata group. Find the growth trajectory best suited to your skills and aspirations.

Know more, grow more
Take your place in a human-potential culture based on continuous learning. As a multi-disciplinary organisation, Voltas exposes you to varied knowledge domains - manufacturing,
marketing, business planning, project management, service provision and many more. Rather than development on a specialised path, Voltas fosters all-round entrepreneurial learning and experience.

Your performance is your plus
Voltas culture gives you the freedom to perform at your best - and rewards it with recognition and generous career incentives. By constantly
raising the bar, Voltas keeps you on an upward path.

The Tata stamp
Voltas today is one of the principal companies in the Tata group. You can absorb the unique Tata culture of global standards,business excellence, integrity, corporate citizenship and human values.