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HR policy
The cornerstone of the Voltas Human Resources Management philosophy is the conviction that the well-being of the company and of its people are interdependent; and that the company's most valuable assets are its people.

Our commitment

  • To employ the most competent, on the basis of merit
  • To ensure that every employee is treated with dignity and respect, and in a fair, consistent and equitable manner
  • To create a stimulating, enabling and supportive work atmosphere
  • To aid and encourage employees in realizing their full potential

We recognize that the success of this philosophy depends in a large measure on the manner in which managers and their team members - at every level - carry out their duties and obligations to each other and to the company. Without mutual confidence and loyalty among employees, as well as respect for each other as human beings, our philosophy will not work.

Managers at all levels are committed to the following principles

Have knowledge of, and accept total responsibility for, the success of the organisation's human resources philosophy, policies and procedures, and review them with team members to ensure their total understanding.

Ensure consistent and fair application of all HR policies.

Exercise leadership by demonstrating integrity, professional knowledge, the courage of your convictions, and concern for the feelings of others.

Establish a relationship with team members that encourages a free bi-directional flow of information, permits open discussion of differing views, and allows decision making at the most appropriate levels.

In the same context, all employees are expected to maintain certain standards in relation to their work, and in representing themselves as the staff of Voltas. They will :

  • Communicate constructive ideas and opinions to managers and team members either pro-actively, or on request
  • Accept and support decisions made contrary to their expressed positions
  • Apply the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty
  • Comply with the company's policies and procedures