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Cold storage refrigeration

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Voltas offers customized turnkey solutions for cold storages and refrigerated warehouses, to sustain the special low temperatures required to preserve a range of products including (among others):

Fresh fruits & vegetables
Industrial raw materials / finished goods
Meat, fish, poultry
Food products for retailing
Dairy products
Pharmaceutical products

Cold storage forms an essential component of Voltas' end-to-end solutions for the processing and storage of foods -- vital links in the 'cold chain'.

A few critical storage applications executed:

2°C and 25% RH storage for color films
Integrated pack houses for State Agricultural Marketing Boards
-27°C deep freezer for 500 MT butter, with ammonia system
High-humidity storage for flowers; low-humidity storage for seeds

These are critical parts of the infrastructure being built up to arrest horticultural value loss.