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Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS)

Geometric Software Solutions, Pune
Integrated BMS is the key to 'intelligent buildings', equipped with a variety of monitoring devices and control systems, both automated and manned. Together they help regulate a long array of building services and utilities.

from Voltas offer a multitude of benefits. They help you plan operations and assess performance; make operation easier; improve building comfort, enhance safety, improve efficiency, save energy, and protect your assets.

The term Building Management Systems encompasses a wide variety of technologies which include energy management systems and building controls.

Their function is to control, monitor and optimise building services, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, alarm systems and certain electrical appliances.

Advantages of IBMS

Building Management Systems cater to both small and large installations, ranging from 50 to 100,000 analog and digital points

Building Management Systems provide integrated building management technology, and remote management of 1 to 1000 buildings


Your investment is well protected, as the system is fully backward compatible, modular and extensible
Our offerings include :

HVAC primary control

Fire detection
HVAC individual room control
Intrusion detection
Lighting control
Access control
Power distribution
Energy data evaluation
Voice evaluation systems
Management station
Gas detection