Electro-mechanical projects: listing

Project management

A complex engineering design turns into a tricky management challenge: to coordinate very many inuts and outputs, and ensure quality at every turn. That's second nature at Voltas, with our expertise sharpened by experience. The results are showcased in plenty, in India and abroad.

There's a Projects department at every Voltas branch location. It consists of a functional head, overseeing project leaders, engineers, assistant-engineers, field supervisors and technicians. The commissioning cell and Quality Assurance are also the department's responsibility.

Digital workflow
All business processes, commencing with job transfers from Sales, extending all the way to commissioning and hand-over, are fully automated through integrated Project Management Software (PMS).

The design, development and testing of Voltas PMS has been done entirely in-house. PMS is interphased with the company's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and links itself to both manufacturing and service for automated transfer of information. All locational PMS is integrated and networked to allow free access to relevant information, design flow, automated transactions across locations, improved monitoring and control of various projects, and review by the APEX body at Voltas Head Office.

Project leaders follow ISO procedures for project scheduling, materials receipts and handling, inspection, installation and commissioning activities.

Vendor standards
Voltas works with a team of specialized vendors assigned to specific tasks such as ducting, duct insulation, acoustic insulation, condenser and chiller water piping, piping insulation, electrical fittings, power and control wiring, and installation of sundry mechanical equipment. They are in effect our project partners.

Every branch has its own corps of certified vendors who have been through the various certification processes. Co-ordination, supervision, engineering, installation drawing and quality control are performed by experienced Voltas personnel.

Integrated design & engineering drawings for all services :
Voltas' installation drawings are done entirely on CAD systems, with superimposed architectural and structural plans along with false ceilings, lighting and interior layouts. This ensures that services such as ducting and piping are in keeping with the total layout and interior plan..

Staying connected
Voltas engineers in the field are equipped with modern communication facilities such as mobiles and pagers. Voltas also has a single-digit call center number in major metros to log-in calls, which are actioned through a smooth and systematic procedure. Voltas monitors response time and resolution time, which are seen as Key Result Areas (KRA).

Business excellence
As part of the Tata Business Excellence Model to which Voltas  subscribes, we measure many KRAs such as Customer Satisfaction Index, Vendor Satisfaction Index, Employee Satisfaction Index, Response Time, Resolution Time, First Time Right on commissioning, and Customer Satisfaction Index on various deliverables, whether specified or implied.

Voltas' entire chain of activity is thoroughly documented under ISO 9001. Critical processes have also been identified, including pre-commissioning checks and ongoing tests. Each process calls for detailed procedures and compliance reports.

It adds up to a way of working in which consistent quality is not left to chance, but is instead built into the system.