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Vapour Absorption Machines


Voltas’ Vapour Absorption Machines (VAMs) of Lithium bromide - water type are indigenously manufactured with state of the art Paraflow Technology with focus on reliability & efficiency.

It can be operated with variety of heat sources like Steam, hot water, oil, gas, exhaust gas & combination of it. These are extensively used in vide variety of industrial & commercial building for providing chilled water for use in many different applications in process cooling & air conditioning.

Innovation is the key to success of the product & we strive to continuously upgrade our product for highest reliability & efficiency to offer economical & low operating cost in real time operations, under varied conditions. An exhaustive capacity range with standardized large numbers of intermediate models are made to suit client nearest needs from 40TR to 2900TR capacity for chilled water upto 4 0 C outlet temperature & slandered as 7 0 C. Models are available on request to cater to the need for sub zero temperature application.


Co-generation VAM & utilization of waste heat in steam, hot water & exhaust gas preferred way of working in today’s green concepts, saving carbon foot prints era.

We have established our credentials in India by working with major consultants like EIL, Jacob H&I, TCE, MECON, MND, PDIL and majority of large business groups. Also overseas market, we export to countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh & making inroads to developed nations too,  to be an aspiring global player.


Double effect, Steam Fired VAM

Single Effect, Steam & Hot Water Fired VAM

Co-generation VAM

Direct Fired VAM

Small Direct Fired (Koala series) VAM