Services offered

Consultancy & project management
Design-and-build contract
Operational maintenance

Engineering systems

Voltas offers a comprehensive and detail-rich range of electro-mechanical services. These are the capabilities of a 'total solutions provider', offering the client the benefits of an integrated approach, with the efficiencies and economies of a single-point source. The widest range of engineering systems is deployed.

Mechanical systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

  • Comfort cooling for offices, airports, theatres, shopping complexes, hotels and hospitals
  • industrial air conditioning for pharmaceutical plants, nuclear reactors, electronics assemblies, textile mills and others
  • Marine air conditioning for luxury liners, naval vessels, cargo ships
  • Transport air conditioning for passenger coaches, ambulances, Metro Railway systems
  • Customized air conditioning for mortuaries, drilling platforms and other specialized applications.

Refrigeration systems

  • Ice plants
  • Cold storages
  • Industrial refrigeration system consisting of brine chilling

Other mechanical services

  • Medical gas system for hospitals
  • Vehicle fumes exhaust system
  • Compressed air system
  • Mono-rail hoists
  • Pressurisation and smoke exhaust system

Electrical systems

  • Electrical switchyards and substations
  • Power and lighting distribution
  • Indoor lighting
  • Emergency power including captive plant
  • Fire alarm system
  • Security system
  • Communication system
  • Entertainment system
  • Information system
  • Building Management System, incl. energy management

Public health systems

  • Rain water, cold water, treated water, raw water and hot water installations
  • Underground and above-ground drainage
  • Fire fighting installatiions, dry and wet riser installations
  • Sanitary fixtures
  • Sprinkler, fire fightingand inergen gas system
  • Water treatment and steam system (boilers, water calorifiers, water softeners, filters)

Specialized systems

  • Airfield lighting
  • Flight Information Display
  • Integrated Airport Management system
  • Lifts / elevators
  • Passenger Loading Bridges
  • Auxiliary Power System
  • Pre-conditioned Air Supply Unit
  • Specialized Signage System
  • Baggage Systems (weighing and control)
  • Cargo weighing and handling systems
  • Billing systems



Appreciative words

" I can say, unequivocally, that Voltas match the best UK based contractors and more than match any multi-discipline company I have seen in the Gulf. The skill of their artisans is plain to see are, without exception, dedicated, hard working engineers and technicians. they all have appropriate theoretical knowledge/understanding. "

Main Contractor
Ahmed Mansoor Al-A'Ali
Bahrain International Airport