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Guidelines governing investors' communications  
The Company's Investor Relations policy has the mission of providing its constituencies with accurate, comprehensive and timely information, which can form a sound basis for assessing or evaluating the Company's stock, its present value and future prospects.
The Company will not provide its own specific predictions or estimates for financial parameters. The Company can, however, acquaint its constituencies with the necessary facts and relevant factors with which they can make their own assessments. The Company will also acknowledge publicly available sources of information, without necessarily subscribing to or endorsing its content.
Ms. Asawari Sathaye, Manager - Corporate Communications is the Company's primary Investors’ Relationship (IR) Manager. Her co-ordinates are as under:
Office Number   : 91 22 66656246
E mail address :
The CFO of the Company is Mr. Abhijit Gajendragadkar. All meetings with him shall be co-ordinated through the Corporate Communications Department.
The Company will observe a 'Silent Period' from the end of the quarter/year to the date of publication of the results. During this period, the Company's representatives will not have any discussions or communications with investors or other interested constituencies through mails, telephone calls or meetings.
The Company will update its business outlook through a document which will be put up on the website : At the quarter/year end, the document will be updated only after the Silent Period is over.
Every quarter/year end, the CFO and IR Manager will conduct a conference call after the publication of the results. The Corporate Communications Department will communicate the details through e-mail.
The CFO's speech will be uploaded before or around the time of the concall.
The Company has a policy of not giving guidance on the quarterly or annual results.
Order book position in respect of Domestic and International Project Business will be announced once a quarter along with the Quarterly/Annual Results.

Shareholder Inquiries / Investor Grievances
V. P. Malhotra
(Vice President- Taxation ,Legal & Company Secretary)

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