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Name of Fund/Broking Firm/Conference Date Venue PDF Audio
Emerging India : ICICI Conference 08-12-2017 Mumbai    
Columbia Threadneedle Investments
Neuberger Berman International and Emerging Markets Fund
06-12-2017 Mumbai    
DNB 01-12-2017 Mumbai    
Edelweiss 28-11-2017 Mumbai    
Antique Limited * 27-11-2017 Mumbai    
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation 24-11-2017 Mumbai    
Antique Limited 23-11-2017 Mumbai    
DNCA Investments 22-11-2017 Mumbai    
Gemway Asset Management 21-11-2017 Mumbai    
Alliance Bernstein 20-11-2017 Mumbai    
Macquarie India Conference 2017 17-11-2017 Mumbai    
13th Annual UBS India Conference 2017 17-11-2017 Mumbai    
IDFC The Stock called India 16-11-2017 Mumbai    
CLSA India Forum 15-11-2017 Mumbai    
Trust Company of the West (TCW) 13-11-2017 Mumbai    
Q1 Earnings Call 10-11-2017 Mumbai
J.P. Morgan's India Investor Summit 2017 22-09-2017 Mumbai    
Matthews International 22-09-2017 Mumbai    
lnvesco 22-09-2017 Mumbai    
Oppenheimer Funds 21-09-2017 Mumbai    
Bernstein 19-09-2017 Mumbai    
T. Rowe Price 18-09-2017 Mumbai    
DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. 18-09-2017 Mumbai    
Sylebra HK Company Ltd. 15-09-2017 Mumbai    
Deutsche Bank
Antique Limited
ICICI Securities
Goldman Sachs
B&K Securities
Prabhudas Liladhar
Axis Capital
HSBC Securities
Nirmal Bang Securities
Kotak Securities
Asian Markets Securities Private Limited.
Nomura Financial Advisory & Securities India Private Limited
Elara Capital
Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking Private Limited
BOB Capital Markets Limited
HDFC Securities
JM Finance
14-09-2017 Mumbai    
Askinvestment Managers
Phillip Capital
Emkay Securities .
UBS Securities
Dolat Capital
Quant Capital
Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd.
Wala Group
J P Morgan
14-09-2017 Mumbai    
Columbia Wanger Asset Management 13-09-2017 Mumbai    
Credit Suisse
Zaaba Capital Ltd
12-09-2017 Mumbai    
Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund 08-09-2017 Mumbai    
Wellington Management 07-09-2017 Mumbai    
Motilal Oswal 13 th Annual Global Investor
Conference, 2017
04-09-2017 Mumbai    
Motilal. Oswal AMC and Cambridge Associates
(Global Consultants to MOSL Offshore Fund)
01-09-2017 Mumbai    
Principal Global Investors 29-08-2017 Mumbai    
Evenstar Capital 29-08-2017 Mumbai    
IDFC Mutual Fund 23-08-2017 Mumbai    
Emkay Confluence 2017 22-08-2017 Mumbai    
SBI-Cap Value Unlockers Conference 21-08-2017 Mumbai    
Spark Capital [Non-Deal Roadshow] 18-08-2017 Mumbai    
Fidelity Management & Research (FMR) 09-08-2017 Mumbai    
Q1 ’FY 18 Earnings concall 04-08-2017 Mumbai
Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India)
Private Limited
23-06-2017 Mumbai    
Nikko Asset Management (Singapore) 21-06-2017 Mumbai    
HDFC Asset Management Company Limited 20-06-2017 Mumbai    

IDFC Securities

Phillip Capital (India) Private Limited

Yes Securities Limited

19-06-2017 Mumbai    
Aviva Life Insurance Co. India. Limited
Askinvestment Managers
19-06-2017 Mumbai    
Axis Capital Limited
HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited
Quant Capital
Emkay Global
JM Financial Institutional Securities Limited
HDFC Securities
ICICI Securities Limited
B&K Securities India Private Limited
Antique Limited
Edelweiss Securities Limited
Kotak Securities Limited
CIMB Securities India
Daiwa Capital Markets India
Amsec Securities Limited
Nomura Securities Limited
Nirmal Bang Securities Limited
19-06-2017 Mumbai    
Balyasny Asset Management 12-06-2017 Mumbai    
Cooper Investors 21-06-2017 Mumbai    
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
(Non-Deal Roadshow, Location: New York / Boston)
T. Rowe Price 14-06-2017 Mumbai    
Credit Suisse
[Non-Deal Roadshow, Location: London (UK)]
Daiichi life
Simplex Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance
12-06-2017 Mumbai    
Barclays 09-06-2017 Mumbai    
Limiar Capital Management LLC 08-06-2017 Mumbai    
EcoFin 07-06-2017 Mumbai    
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority 06-06-2017 Mumbai    
Q4 ’FY 17 Earnings concall 25-05-2017 Mumbai  
Elara Capital Mumbai Mumbai    
Ocean Dial Advisers Pvt. Ltd.
Citigroup Global Markets India Pvt. Ltd.
JP Morgan
SBICAP Securities Limited
22-03-2017 Mumbai    
Carnegie Fonder 20-03-2017 Mumbai    
Somerset Capital Management 15-03-2017 Mumbai    
Macquarie Asset Management 14-03-2017 Mumbai    
Credit Suisse 10-03-2017 Mumbai    
Motilal Oswal Corporate Day 09-03-2017 Mumbai    
Oppenheimer US
Impax Asset Management
07-03-2017 Mumbai    
Wellington Management Company
New Port Asia, San Francisco, USA
24-02-2017 Mumbai    
IIFL's 8th Enterprising India Global
Investors' Conference
23-02-2017 Mumbai    
Champlain Investment Partners
Edelweiss India Roadshow
20-02-2017 Mumbai    
J.P. Morgan Asset Management 17-02-2017 Mumbai    
Q3 ’FY 17 Earnings concall 16-02-2017 Mumbai  
Daiwa Capital Markets India
Kotak Securities
Antique Limited
Phillip Capital (India) Private Limited
23-12-2016 Mumbai    
Amundi 22-12-2016 Mumbai    
Nomura Financial Advisory & Securities India Pvt Ltd
Yes Securities
IDFC Securities
Kotak Securities
B&K Securities ,
Quantum AMC
Prabhudas Liladhar
IIFL Wealth
Quant Capital
SBICAP Securities Limited
Asian Markets Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Goldman Sach
Elara Capital
Quest Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Hitesh Taunk, ICICI Securities
Axis Capital Limited
Dolat Capital Group Company
21-12-2016 Mumbai    
Flowering Tree Investment Management 19-12-2016 Mumbai    
Standard Life Plc, Edinburgh 19-12-2016 Mumbai    
Ecofin Limited, London 16-12-2016 Mumbai    
Oxbow Capital
15-12-2016 Mumbai    
Balyasny Asset Management (Hong Kong) 15-12-2016 Mumbai    
DSP Blackrock 12-12-2016 Mumbai    
Matthews Asia Pacific Tiger Fund 09-12-2016 Mumbai    
Blackrock 08-12-2016 Mumbai    
Motilal Oswal Investor Conference 07-12-2016 Mumbai    
HDFC Asset Management 07-12-2016 Mumbai    
Neuberger Berman 05-12-2016 Mumbai    
Macquarie, India 05-12-2016 Mumbai    
Principal Financial Group
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
DSP Blackrock
HDFC Mutual Fund
05-12-2016 Mumbai    
Rainier Investments 02-12-2016 Mumbai    
Blackrock Asset Management,
North Asia Limited
02-12-2016 Mumbai    
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority 30-11-2016 Mumbai    
ICICI Mutual Fund 29-11-2016 Mumbai    
NT Asset Management
Macquarie Funds Management
29-11-2016 Mumbai    
Blackrock 28-11-2016 Mumbai    
William Blair
Fidelity Management and Research
28-11-2016 Mumbai    
T. Rowe Price 24-11-2016 Mumbai    
Alquity Investment Management 24-11-2016 Mumbai    
SPARX Asset Management 22-11-2016 Mumbai    
Schroder Investment Management 21-11-2016 Mumbai    
Q2 ’FY 17 Earnings concall 18-11-2016 Mumbai  
Boston Partners 30-09-2016 Mumbai    
Davidson Kempner (Asia) Ltd. 29-09-2016 Mumbai    
Principal PNB Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd.
Deutsche Equity Pvt Ltd.
22-09-2016 Mumbai    
Kotak's India Investment Forum, New York 13-09-2016 Mumbai    
GIC, TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America)


Kotak's India Investment Forum, New York 12-09-2016 Mumbai    
Citi's India Corporate Forum, London 09-09-2016 Mumbai    
B&K Securities, Goldman Sachs, I-Wealth 08-09-2016 Mumbai    
Citi's India Corporate Forum, London 08-09-2016 Mumbai    
Invesco 26-08-2016 Mumbai    
Baron Capital Management Inc. 23-08-2016 Mumbai    
Moon Capital 22-08-2016 Mumbai    
Emkay Investor Conference 19-08-2016 Mumbai    
Spark Capital, Investor conference 18-08-2016 Mumbai    
Edelweiss India Corporate Summit 11-08-2016 Hong Kong    
Edelweiss India Corporate Summit 10-08-2016 Singapore    
Thornburg Investment Management 05-08-2016 Mumbai    
Q1 ’FY 17 Earnings Call 03-08-2016 Mumbai
IDFC AMC 28-06-2016 Mumbai    
Davidson Kempner (Asia) Ltd
T. Rowe
27-06-2016 Mumbai    
Manulife 27-06-2016 Mumbai    
Champlain Investment Partners 21-06-2016 Mumbai    
IIFL, MOSL, Kotak Securities, Prabhudas Liladhar, B&K Securities, Antique Securities, Dalal & Broacha, Goldman Sach, CIMB 15-06-2016 Mumbai    
Wellington Management Company 13-06-2016 Mumbai    
Millenium Capital


Matthews International 30-05-2016 Mumbai    
Zaaba Capital 27-05-2016 Mumbai    
William Blair
26-05-2016 Mumbai    
Morgan Stanley
Matthews International
25-05-2016 Mumbai    
Phillip Capital India's Investor Conference 09-06-2016 Mumbai    
Citi's India Investor Conference 07-06-2016 Mumbai    
UBS India Mid-Cap Conference 2016 03-06-2016 Mumbai    
B&K's Annual Investor Conference 02-06-2016 Mumbai    
Morgan Stanley 18th Annual India Summit 01-06-2016 Mumbai    
ICICI Securities - Select Midcap conference 24 -05-2016 Mumbai    
Q4 ’FY 16 Earnings Call 19-05-2016 Mumbai
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. 18/03/2016 Mumbai    
SBICAP Securities Ltd.
Systematix Shares & Stocks (I) Ltd.
CIMB Securities India Phillip Capital India Pvt. Ltd. Daiwa Capital Markets India Pvt. Ltd.
Asian Markets Securities Pvt. Ltd.
16/03/2016 Group, Mumbai    
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 14/03/2016 Mumbai    
Enam Asset Management Company 10/03/2016 Mumbai    
Standard Life Plc. 07/03/2016 Mumbai    
Spark Capital 04/03/2016 Mumbai    
Quantum 03/03/2016 Mumbai    
DB Access India Conference 02/03/2016 Mumbai    
Lazard Asset Management 01/03/2016 Mumbai    
Alquity Investment 01/03/2016 Mumbai    
Yes Securities 26/02/2016 Mumbai    
Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd 26/02/2016 Mumbai    
Motilal Oswal & Ellara Capital 26/02/2016 Mumbai    
Kotak Conference - Chasing Growth 2016 23/02/2016 Mumbai    
IIFL's Enterprising India 2016 conference 19/02/2016 Mumbai    
Edelweiss India Conference 17/02/2016 Mumbai    
BAML India Conference 16/02/2016 Delhi    
Q3’FY 16 Earnings call 15/02/2016 Mumbai
Note : Dates are subject to change