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terex Minerals-Processing-Systems (MPS)
Minerals-Processing-Systems (MPS)

 Wheeled VSI Plant WV2000

Wheeled VSI Plant WV2000
Wheeled  Jaw Plant WJ1175

Wheeled Jaw Plant WJ1175
Wheeled  Jaw Plant WJ1175

Wheeled Jaw  Plant WJ1175 

Wheeled Cone Plant Wc1000 I WC 1000LS
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LeeBoy paving and grading equipment
LeeBoy paving and grading equipment
LeeBoy Motor Graders

Motor Graders
LeeBoy Motor Graders are all about high torque, performance and reliability. This cutting-edge technology is powered to do anything from building a road and cutting a ditch to moving earth, doing site work and fine grading. It is powered by 4- stroke turbocharged 6-cylinder Cummins Engines, that are after-cooled BSIII Compliant, 150 & 173 hp, and highly fuel-efficient. Automatic transmission enables most grading operations to be carried out in gears 1 & 2 and optimizes fuel consumption. An enclosed air conditioned cabin with an ergonomic operator seat provides superior unobstructed visibility of the work area while protecting the operator. Articulation, combined with wheel-lean hydraulic power steering and a load-sensing hydraulic system with post -compensated valves provides manoeuvrability with a tight
turning radius. LeeBoy Motor Graders come in three variants namely 785i, 785 XL and 985


LeeBoy 523 Crawler Excavator
Lee Boy Excavator, a comprehensive solution to all excavation
needs, is powered by 4-stroke, 6 cylinder, turbocharged 169 hp (126 kw @ 2100 rpm) Cummins Engine that has gross torque of 660 Nm. Power boost, auto, idle and infinitely variable power modes for rock breaker, economy and productivity modes are standard features. The track drive is equipped with a negative parking brake and dual counter-balance valves to prevent over-running of the machine on steep down-slopes. A heavy-duty profile ensures that track-shoe bolts have a very long life in quarry applications. A 4.5 tone counterweight ensures that the rear end does not lift up during rapid boom-down operations.

The centralized lubrication system reduces downtime caused by inadequate lubrication resulting in lower costs for repairs and cost of lubricants. The operator cabin is ergonomically designed with a reclining seat, HVAC system and electronic display.


Lee Boy Backhoe Loader
The new generation Lee Boy Backhoe Loaders are powered by a 4-stroke, turbocharged robust 99 hp Cummins Engine with an unmatched torque of 429 Nm, and travel speed of 37 kmph.

LeeBoy backhoes are fuel efficient and of proven performance
under very extreme duty cycles and tough environmental conditions. Hi-performance series 4 WG-94.4F-3R full power-
shift transmission from ZF, Germany is a standard feature that
eliminates the gear-shift lever, making it easy for the operator to drive the machine. A fuel-efficient Axial piston pump and heavy duty 4 section, side-by-side aluminium heat exchanger are standard features. The ability to return to dig function for automatic bucket roll back and boom lowering after tipping enable the operator to handle only the machine driving functions. The air conditioned ergonomically designed driver cabin offers superior visibility.


LeeBoy Concrete Batching Plants
Lee Boy Concrete Batching plants designed for producing
compacted concrete of 30 to 180 cubic meters / hr are versatile for all applications. Plants are engineered for flexibility and customized as per customer's unique applications. They are designed for shorter cycle times and for very high accuracy of the mix, with planetary !win-shaft mixers (Sicoma or BHS) delivering high  quality concrete. The aggregate hopper is designed optimally, such that no material is held up (bridged) due to moisture content, thus averting the use of bin vibrators and enhancing the life of the hopper. The inclined conveyor is supplied with a hood. The holding hopper improves plant productivity. The plant operating system is driven by rugged and reliable Command Alkon software. Plants come with pressured water feed to the mixer, with a flow meter.


world leader in volumetric mixing technology

Reimer Alliance International (RAI) is a leader in continuous
mixing technology, providing the highest quality products and
services. RAI has 40 years of experience in continuous mixing, with more than twelve hundred mobile mixers operating in over 30 countries

Continuous mixing technology and mixed-on-site deliveries can often:

  • Lower costs and increase margins
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce risk related to the wrong slump, and concrete aging in the drums

Selling advantages

  • Always fresh
  • Exact volumes
  • No waste
  • Different mixes / slumps delivered to the same jobsite

In specific circumstances REIMER mixers can be a more cost -effective solution, such as when faced with

  • Slow or intermittent pour rate
  • Less than full load
  • Balance or cleanup loads
  • Longer distances or congested traffic
  • Remote sites

There are particular applications/mixes that deliver better
results with a Reimer Mixer.

  • Critical water/cement ratio mixes
  • Critical air-entrained mixes
  • Low slump - RCC, pervious concrete
  • High slump - floor toppings
  • Shot-crete mixes

Per meter price is higher, but the total cost to the customer is

Choose the Best Solution
! Use Reimer Alliance Mobile Mixers to reduce costs, increase margins, and reduce risk while increasing customer satisfaction


Cutting Edge Technology Company specializing in solutions for the ready mix industry

Technology for monitoring and adjusting the properties of
fresh concrete

Concrete Optimizer is a new technology that can monitor and
control the final stages of the manufacturing process, before the concrete is poured and placed. The heart of the Concrete Optimizer, the sensor, is installed on the hatch of the ready-mix trucks drum, and therefore comes in direct contact with the concrete and measures the following parameters directly from inside the truck mixer drum: 1) Slump 2) Temperature & 3) Volume.

Based on the measured data the Concrete Optimizer calculates and provides the following characteristics of the fresh concrete: 1) Mixing quality: identifies if the concrete is well mixed as a whole 2) Uniformity: identifies the quality of the concrete on a micro-level (concrete with poor uniformity is not recommended to pour) and 3) Segregation: provides an indication of the segregation of the load

The Concrete Optimizer also measures the revolution count and captures and records any water/admixture additions made. All this information is captured for each drum revolution by the measuring sensor, so that the user can monitor changes relative to time and location. The data is collected by means of a built-in communication system, and can be displayed on both the display located behind the truck mixer cabin, and on the on-board computer display (touch screen located inside the cabin). This feature is configurable and to be decided by the producer.

All the captured data is transferred via GPRS to Sensocrete's application server from which the real-time data can be accessed remotely and also extracted in a chosen format by the dispatch system user, QA/lab technician or other designated user with any web browser. The Concrete Optimizer's bi- directional messaging system also allows communication between the dispatch system or concrete mixing plant operator and the driver (text messages, canned messages and pre- defined audio messages).

In this configuration, ready-mix producers can monitor properties of the concrete, mainly the slump, volume and the temperature of the fresh concrete while in transit, and at the job site. The Concrete Optimizer is able to adjust the slump of the concrete until it meets the customer's requirements.