India's Largest AC Company,India's no1 ac (AC),Voltas is India's largest airconditioning (AC) & commercial refrigeration company,Voltas
Building on leadership
Over more than five decades, Voltas has reached a position of leadership in its businesses and markets. Some highlights:

Voltas is India's largest central airconditioning company

Voltas leads in air conditioning projects in India.
Voltas manufactures India's No 1 air conditioner brand.

Voltas is one of India's most trusted names in supply, service and support of mining and construction equipment.

Voltas leads in sourcing, installing and servicing state-of-the-art textile machinery in India.

Unitary Cooling Products

Voltas unveils its 2010 range of ACs, 50 new models

Voltas, fresh from its recent triumphs in air-conditioning and engineering services at the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai and the Yas Marina F1 Race Track, Abu Dhabi, is set to score yet another win with its 2010 range of Room ACs.

Voltas, a Tata Group company, has launched its new range of 50 AC models for the coming summer season, with a generous array of choices in terms of features, tonnage, price and other parameters.

Multiple options for multiple niches
In developing the 2010 range, Voltas kept in mind the market’s heterogeneous nature, with its diversity of priorities, preferences, income groups and aesthetic tastes. However, certain key attributes remain standard right across the spread of models. These include:

  • the new eco-system technology
  • self-diagnosis, auto-louver step adjustment, optimized cross-flow vane and other intelligent features
  • energy-efficiency, addressing rising consumer consciousness about 'green' issues, and the larger considerations of sustainability
  • low operating costs, with a sensible cooling solution for every household

At its upper end, the range includes the Gold, Platina and Champagne versions of the flagship Vertis brand. Towards the non-premium end are numerous options which are more affordable, without stinting on efficiency.

Another pioneering effort
By taking a lead in terms of choices offered, Voltas is once again playing a pioneering role, as it has several times in the past, with

  • India's first split ACs
  • India's first ACs priced under Rs 10,000
  • India's first ductable split ACs
  • the revolutionary 'Slimline' design
  • the first to introduce microprocessor control in ACs
  • the first to aggressively promote energy-efficient cooling in India

‘Mission Million’
The mood at Voltas is ambitious and optimistic. Says Pradeep Bakshi (Executive Vice President & COO): ‘You will see a lot more in the coming days from Voltas that will increase awareness about energy-saving and provide consumers a more comfortable but sensible cooling solution.’

Bakshi exudes confidence that the brand will see significant growth in sales volumes, reaching towards the coveted one-million mark in the coming year. The push for growth is backed by extensive groundwork to ensure reach and availability across the spectrum. The retail footprint has been augmented to 5000 touch points, while the service infrastructure has been tuned to greater speed and reach. Just as importantly, Voltas is also planning to double its advertising spend in 2010.

Bakshi asserts: ‘We are confident that we will blaze a triumphant growth path in India with Voltas Room Air Conditioners, as we have done with iconic air conditioning and engineering projects in the Middle East and Far East.’

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