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Over more than five decades, Voltas has reached a position of leadership in its businesses and markets. Some highlights:
Voltas is India's largest air conditioning company
‘Voltas’ is India's No 1 air conditioner brand.
Voltas is one of India's most trusted names in textile machinery and mining & construction equipment. / News /Voltas engineering triumphs globally
Domestic Projects

Voltas engineering triumphs globally

with a proven world-class indigenous product


Voltas-brand VFD water cooled screw chillers win internationally-recognised AHRI certification.


The coveted AHRI certification of quality has been awarded to 4 models of VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) - driven energy-efficient water-cooled screw chillers, entirely developed and manufactured by Voltas. They span tonnages from 200 to 410TR, and are in the front lines of Voltas' thrust in promoting environment friendly & energy-saving HVAC equipment

Since 2011, year-on-year, Voltas products have been winning the AHRI stamp of approval, which is known and trusted the world over. It's issued by Air-Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute (USA), a trade association of reputed international manufacturers in this field. It testifies that the manufacturers' performance claims have been independently verified. And that they conform to AHRI's own rating criteria and certifying procedures...which are indeed rigorous.

It's a major win for DPG's commitment to developing HVAC products with improved technical specifications and compete with the world's finest. Products worthy of a place on the BOQs of the most prestigious projects anywhere. Products that can hold their own in the most demanding markets. Designed and crafted by engineers who have the expertise and skills that such a challenge requires.

In the triumphant words of M Gopi Krishna (EVP & COO - DPG): "It's the ultimate validation of our capability to engineer a world-class product that scores in every detail. Now the latest AHRI certification confirms that we were right all along."