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Processing & finishing

The increasing investment trend towards Processing & Finishing marks India's climb up the value chain in textiles. With the extensive solutions roster catalogued below, Voltas equips and supports every major sub-segment in this category: yarn dyeing and drying, knit and woven goods processing, and printing, among others.

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Reggiani, Italy

Product range

Rotary Printer
Flat Screen Printer
Sampling Table
Digital Inkjet Printer
Lakshmi Card Clothing
Lakshmi Total Drying Solution (hydro-extractor & RF dryer)
PLEVA Products
Automatic Straightening Machines for the Textile Industy
SL 1   PLEVA StraightLiner for woven and knitted fabric (up to 2800 mm)
SL 2   PLEVA StraightLiner for woven and knitted fabric (up to 5600 mm)
Digital Camera Systems for Structure Detection
Structure Detector SD 1C traversing Sectional distortion analysis, width measurement and structure frequency
Structure Detector SD 1C static Structure frequency for overfeed control on stenters or compacting machines
Sensors, Measuring and Control Systems
AF 120 Application moisture, Coating
AF 310 Application moisture, Coating (Side/Centre/Side)
AF 310 Dye liquor pick-up (Side/Centre/Side)
AS 120 Size Pick-Up
RF 110 Residual Moisture (contact-free)
RR 1 RR 1.1 Residual Moisture (with contact)
RR 1 RR 1.3 Mono / RR 1.3 Profile (with contact)
FS 91 Exhaust Humidity
TDS 95 Fabric Temperature (up to 400 °C)
 IR 112 Fabric Temperature
OS 90 Oxygen Measurement
Process Visualisation Systems

DensityControl PLEVATEC    
Optimised Pick/Course Density on Stenter or Compaction Units
HeatSet Compact Control System for Exhaust Humidity, Residual Moisture, Fabric Temperature
HeatSet CIMATIC Control System for Exhaust Humidity, Residual Moisture, Fabric Temperature
Add'nDry PLEVATEC Modular Visualisation and Control System for Coating and Heat Treatment Processes
CIMATIC "Padder Control" Control System for Continuous/CPB Dyeing

SizeControl PLEVATEC   
 Control System for Sizing Machines


  Slatted Regulation Shutter for Air Flowhttp://www.pleva-controls.de/images/inv.gif

Wumag, Germany

Product range

  Cylinder dryers for textile fabrics
  Cylinder dryers for nonwovens and technical fabrics
  Smoothing and calibrating calenders
  Gelling and conditioning machines
  Thermo-fixing and stretching machines

Elgi Equipments Ltd.

Product range

  Oil-lubricated rotary screw compressors
  OIl-free rotary screw compressors
  Centrifugal compressors
  Downstream accessories
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