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'Sustainability' is a priority in global industry today.
Energy-efficiency is a major part of that ideal. It's not enough
to be a reliable manufacturer of high-quality textiles;
one has to also set targets in optimum energy consumption.
That's good corporate citizenship, and it's also sound business sense.
And that's a task in which Voltas is uniquely equipped to
partner you, with value-added services for the spinning industry.

Under the banner of value-added services, we offer a package of engineering initiatives performed at your spinning site: to improve results in terms of

  • Productivity
  • End-product quality
  • Energy-conservation
  • Yarn realization
  • Operational efficiency
  • Lowered operating costs

Towards these goals, our team of specialized engineers addresses four key factors, namely (1) machine productivity (2) wastage in manufacturing  (3) patterns of energy usage  (4) labour productivity.

Specialized value-added offerings include

  • Productivity
  • Quality & realization
  • Energy conservation (through improved technological approaches)
  • Machinery performance (through assessment, enhancement and retro-fit)

At the end of every value-added project, the customer is left with spinning solutions which have dramatically improved in various operating parameters, as well as a set of in-depth guidelines for sustaining that improvement under his own management.

Appreciative words

The visit of your team was highly beneficial to improve the performance of our plant. We could save power costs up to Rs 50,000 per month  -- Sunny Sharma, MD - Sharmanji Yarn

We have saved Rs 24,000 per month already, and we expect a lot of specialized service of this kind in the near future --  Sandeep Jindal, MD - Jindal Cotex

We are really satisfied and shocked to note the leakage of income that drained until the last day prior to the audit --  Kandimathinathan, Advisor - SLST, Arani

The audit helps us to maintain our machine to achieve consistency in production and quality. We appreciate your team members --Palani Samy, MD - Jayavarma Textiles

This is the first time we have called Voltas for technical service. We thank Voltas for its priceless effort of service in the textile field. --
K K Kannan, SM - Shri Dhanalakshmi Spinning

Your team has given excellent service, and we are able to save
Rs 11 lakhs per annum --
A Narayanaswamy, GM - Armstrong Spinning Mills