Commissioned: effluent treatment  plant  for   Eastern   Railways, Chitpur
Water for well being Raising thquallty of life through water management at Nabadlganta

KnitTech 2011: Voltas’ water treatment solutions for textiles
 Commissioned:Acidic/oily wastewater  treatment for Tata Steel, Bara
 Record set: largest volume of concrete  poured in one day
 Order booked: for Tata Steel’s Cold  Rolling Mill,Bara
 Order booked: for Kolkata  Environmental Improvement Project
 Order booked:for Kolkata Metropolitan  Water & Sanitation Authority

In 1977 a collaboration was formed for wastewater and sewage treatment know-how with Ames Crosta Babcock (ACB) of UK, well-known leaders in the field for decades. The specialized capabilities which Voltas acquired were tried and tested in execution of major effluent treatment plants all over India, and subsequently overseas.

Over the years, Voltas continued to broaden its capabilities in the entire spectrum of water and wastewater management, including treatment of water for potability as well as industrial usage.

What’s more, Voltas also manufactures virtually the full range of water/ wastewater/ sewage treatment equipment, adding up to a well-rounded and comprehensive turnkey capability, which meets the highest international expectations.

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