Why You Shouldn't Skip Regular AC Maintenance


When was the last time you got your AC service done? Routine AC maintenance is often overlooked, but it's the key to optimal performance and long-term savings.

Why AC Service on a Regular Basis is a Must

Like any other machinery, your AC is subject to wear and tear over time, necessitating regular maintenance for top-notch functionality. Whether you run your AC year-round or just during the warmer months, the air filters inside it tend to gather dust, pollen, and other particles. During professional AC servicing, a skilled technician takes the time to clean all the filters meticulously. This eliminates harmful particles and ensures clean; fresh air circulates throughout the room. Most reputable AC brand recommend seasonal cleaning and periodic maintenance to keep impurities at bay.

The Perks of Seasonal Maintenance

Regular AC servicing can do wonders for both performance and your wallet. An AC without proper servicing might consume more electricity to cool your space. It might need help providing effective cooling due to gas leaks. A comprehensive AC maintenance session involves a technician identifying and addressing problems such as gas leaks or other factors hampering your AC's performance. Ignoring seemingly minor issues can cause significant problems later, leading to costly repairs. This is where preventive maintenance occurs; spotting and resolving issues early can save considerable money.

The Significance of Opting for an Authorized Service Partner

Not all AC servicing providers are created equal. While opting for a vendor offering cheap solutions might be tempting, it's wise to lean towards an authorised service partner. An official service partner is a company recognised by the AC manufacturer as skilled enough to meet their standards. Opting for one ensures that you receive top-notch service at a reasonable cost. Additionally, going with an unauthorised service provider could void your AC's warranty.

Repairs and Replacement - The Right Way

Choosing an authorised service partner guarantees that qualified technicians will properly conduct repairs. Any parts that need replacing will be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, not subpar third-party alternatives. Using non-OEM spare parts can lead to severe problems, exacerbating existing issues or even causing sudden breakdowns. Moreover, such substitutions can put your manufacturer's warranty in jeopardy. It is advisable to review your AC's product manual thoroughly before operation. This way, you can familiarise yourself with proper installation techniques, optimal troubleshooting tips, recommended operation practices, and the scope of warranty coverage.

Importance of Warranty on ACs

Components of AC could be expensive to repair. Hence, make sure you have a proper warranty on the Air Conditioner. Voltas AC has robust warranties on Compressor, such as 10 years to Lifetime on new ACs. It would also be a good idea to extend your warranty. Please check with our Sales Specialist or contact us for any queries.

Experience the Pleasure of a Well-Maintained AC

Engage in the services of an authorised Voltas AC service or  AC cleaning service partner.  Doing so will prepare you to breeze through the sweltering summer months in relaxed, comfortable bliss. Say goodbye to worries about skyrocketing electricity bills and unexpected breakdowns. Your AC will thank you with top-tier performance and a longer lifespan.

In the modern interconnected world, locating your required services has become incredibly convenient. A simple search for ‘AC service near me’ or ‘AC service center near me’ instantly connects you with professionals who are just prepared to offer the convenience and expertise you're seeking.

Make sure that you are contacting an authorized Service center. Please call our Toll free no 1860-599-4555 to enquire.

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