Saving time. Saving Costs.


Voltas Limited collaborates with site teams from an early stage of a project to provide a prefabricated solution that helps reduce the labor intensive, time consuming onsite production and assembly. WML, a pioneer of pre- fabricated modules ensures that its workflow integrates seamlessly with the workflow in complex MEP projects. Modular pre fabrication helps improve cost certainty, inventorize project progress, construction efficiency, consistency and shortens project timelines. Modules also help considerably reduce wastage, rework and improves quality and safety as they are built in a controlled factory environment.

Cogent leadership, ingenuity and proficiency have made us
pioneer the concept and educate the MEP industry to embrace
this new method of construction.


Smart Engineering

Our in-house module design facility designs custom made modules based on coordinated designs from the client and inputs from builder’s work, RCP, structural design etc. Our offsite approach uses free-issue pre-approved material from project site and in turn fully coordinated services are tested and delivered directly to site for installation. WML team also consults with the site team and civil engineering to advise on collaborative planning, design, site logistics for movement and installation of modules. A wide range of prefab solutions offered by WML currently covers about 30% of MEP projects with solutions ranging from corridor modules, HVAC and plumbing riser modules, toilet and bathroom modules, pipe and cable tray stacks, etc.