Giving families a cooler experience with increased
energy efficiency and lower power bills.

Smart Products

At Voltas we believe in creating innovative technology to build smart products that are both cost and energy efficient. We have always tried to ensure that the products we create provide the greatest benefit to the end user. Whether it was our first-of-its-kind inverter Ac’s or our smart humidity controllers for commercial refrigeration, every product is designed keeping minimum power usage in mind. Over every single one of our 200 SKUs we exert ourselves to create cutting edge innovations to provide higher efficiency at lower costs.

The digital spirit has now spilled over from UPBG's
products to its services as well.


Smart Engineering

At Voltas, our engineers believe in pushing the boundaries of technology by constantly challenging it. They are driven by the need to give consumers more than they expect. Path-breaking technology is engineered to adapt to the weather conditions unique to the country. Intelligent design and innovative cooling double up to provide not only cost-effectiveness but also the highest levels of energy efficiency