Weaving relationships that last a beyond a lifetime.

Smart Relationship

In a world that moves in fast forward mode, we like to stop and take a moment when it comes to nurturing and building relationships that truly last a lifetime. Because while we continue to stand at the forefront of the textile industry, we sincerely believe it is our value for partnerships that has helped propel us to the top. If there is one thing that stands out in our Textile Machinery Division, it’s the penchant for identifying, nurturing and developing win-win business relationships. This is evident in our long standing fifty year venture with principal partner Lakshmi Machine Works. A sales and service partnership that has grown over the years, securing an enviable market share of over 56% in spinning, despite the onslaught of multinational competition.

Representing as many as 30 principals offering end to end products and solutions across the spectrum of Spinning and post-spinning needs.


Smart Engineering

The Textile Machinery Division today forms the fabric of the nation and has played a key role in India’s growth story. It is however our smart approach to relationships that have made us a trusted leader with over 3,500 end customers. With over 56% of the market share, TMD continues to gain ground in front-line technologies such as compact spinning and digital printing but we consider our greatest contribution to be our ability to drive customers to value their products and help them develop and grow in profitability.