Voltas Beko Low Noise Inverter Compressor Fridge - Keep It Calm

Low Noise Inverter Compressor Fridge

Refrigerators have transformed from being a luxury asset to a necessary one. Most Indian households, especially in urban areas, cannot imagine their lives without a refrigerator. However, a standard refrigerator tends to make loud humming and gurgling noises that can be annoying at least and unbearable at most. The constant droning can affect your mental peace and spoil the ambience of your house. The advent of new inverter compressor technology can solve this problem and restore the calm environment of your home. Voltas Beko has incorporated this technology to develop a series of low-noise inverter compressor fridges for Indian households. Features of the low-noise inverter compressor fridges.

Low Noise

The inverter compressor fridge is 4x quieter than your normal refrigerator, ensuring a calm home environment. It is in-built with a special BLDC fan that rotates slowly, thus making the refrigerator much quieter compared to standard refrigerators. The fan will ensure a noise-less home environment with optimum use of energy.

Energy Efficient

The low-noise inverter compressor fridge will considerably reduce your electricity bill and keep it to a minimum. With low energy consumption, it reduces carbon footprint. The compressor plays an important role in regulating the temperature inside the refrigerator. It quickly adapts to changes in temperature and reduces high fluctuations. This helps the fruits and vegetables stay fresher for a longer period.

Dual Cooling System

The dual cooling system blows air into the refrigerator through two separate circuits and ensures that the cool air is distributed evenly throughout all the refrigerator's compartments. If you have stored different food items in your refrigerator, their smell will not spread across the refrigerators. The dual cooling system ensures consistent humidity and moisture in the refrigerator. This helps in maintaining the freshness levels of the food.

Blue Light Technology

The inverter compressor refrigerator is in-built with blue light technology which maintains natural light inside the refrigerator. This plays a vital role in preserving the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables. With the Voltas Beko inverter compressor series, you need not worry about retaining the natural flavour of your food items and maintaining their shelf life.

Long-life Span

Since the inverter compressor fridge gradually increases and decreases speed to maintain precise temperature control, it is subject to less wear and tear. They are far more durable than standard refrigerators and have a more extended warranty period. More importantly, Voltas Beko offers a 12-year warranty on the inverter compressor series.

With all these benefits and many more, Voltas Beko low-noise inverter compressor fridge can be a great investment for you. Apart from maintaining a calm environment, the refrigerator offers a host of other benefits to keep your food fresh and healthy.