What Makes Desert Coolers More Efficient During Summers?

air desert cooler

Desert coolers are the preferred air coolers during summer for Indian conditions. Why this is so will become quite evident when one looks at its superior mechanism for cooling. There are some cool scientific principles behind a desert cooler.

Water vaporization and latent heat of vaporization are two concepts that help a desert cooler provide respite from the hot weather. Desert coolers have cooling pads on their three walls which are continuously wetted by water. It has a fan that sucks air from outside and throws it inside the room. Due to the hot air, the water on the cooling pad evaporates, leading to the air becoming cooler. The cooled air is pushed inside the room by a fan or a blower.

A desert cooler will work even inside the room where there is no escape from the heat. This is because water will absorb the latent heat from the air to cool the interiors of a room. Now, we must be aware of the features that make desert coolers a better choice than others. Volta's desert coolers have honeycomb pads on all three sides. This provides a long-lasting cooling effect. The JetMax series of Desert Coolers have honeycomb pads to provide ultra-cooling during the summers. Victor series desert coolers of Voltas have extra-large blowers. With blowers that can be up to 46 cm in diameter, the desert coolers have a better air throw than most air coolers. Thus, the cool air will reach every corner. This will increase the efficacy of cooling even if the room is large, making it perfect for the drawing room and the living room.

The oscillating swing function in all Volta's desert coolers will ensure that everyone will get their share of cool air. Some of the Voltas models will also have a pre-soak feature. With the pre-soak feature, you will be able to moisten the cooling medium before turning on the blower. This will increase the cooling effect dramatically. A few models have the provision of an ice chamber to increase the effect of cooling. Convenience matters during the summers as people are already too distressed. One need not refill the water tank of a desert cooler every few hours.

Volta's desert coolers provide water tanks with a holding capacity of up to 90 litres of water. Most air coolers consume a lot of water which can be quite irritating. The eco-cool mode in the Voltas Mega series will help in the efficient use of water. Once the water tank has been filled, it will last the whole night, ensuring that you have a comfortable sleep. All of Volta's desert coolers look elegant because of their sleek and compact design. They also come with a trolley so that you can move it to the desired place without any hassles. There are remote-controlled desert coolers making their operation super easy. Since you get desert coolers that can work on inverters also, you need not worry about power cuts.

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