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Voltas Combo Coolers: The All-in-One Solution for Refrigeration Needs

Voltas is India’s largest and most trusted air conditioning company. We offer an extensive array of cooling solutions, including room air conditioners, air coolers, air purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines, water dispensers, dishwashers, microwaves, commercial refrigeration, and associated accessories for diverse domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Operating across 100 countries on six continents, we boast a robust portfolio of refrigeration and cooling solutions.

In the Indian market, every 4th room AC and every 3rd commercial refrigerator sold is a Voltas product. This is a testament to our commitment to delivering comfort and value for money, earning us the trust of homeowners and businesses nationwide.

At Voltas, we continually strive to meet evolving consumer demands. Our collaboration with Beko, a global household appliance brand present in over 140 countries, underscores our dedication to innovation, ensuring our designs resonate with customers and our technology remains cutting-edge.

Cooler Freezer Combo

A Cooler Freezer Combo, just as the name suggests, combines the functionality of a cooler and a freezer. These appliances usually feature a separate dedicated compartment designed for chilling beverages and a separate freezer section for storing ice cream and frozen foods. Since these combos provide dual functionality, they are a versatile storage option in various settings for every need. A Cooler Freezer Combo is engineered with robust construction to withstand heavy-duty use in any environment. Moreover, they ensure high-performance freezing even in high temperatures, thus guaranteeing reliable operation in any condition.

Voltas Deep Freezer 300L VFC Combo Cooler

Voltas Combo Cooler Hard Top 300 Double Door is a great combo cooler offering the perfect combination of convenience and functionality with amazing dual functionality of a cooler and a freezer.

This versatile appliance allows you to store food items for varies needs such as storing cold beverages and frozen foods simultaneously. Built with robust construction, it's designed to withstand heavy-duty use, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial settings. Equipped with a Tropical compressor, this cooler ensures high-performance freezing even in the scorching temperatures of the Indian summer.

This Voltas Combo Cooler also features an energy-efficient compressor and eco-friendly gas refrigerant which not only delivers superior cooling performance but also helps save up to 40% on electricity bills. With safety compliance, UV-grade plastic material for a long-lasting appearance, and an anti-corrosive pre-coated body, this cooler is one of the best choices if you wish to buy a combo cooler.

Voltas Deep Freezer 300l Vfc Combo Cooler offers you reliable performance and hig end features without a huge price tag.Priced at MRP ₹43,990, it is now available at an offer price of just ₹34,190, giving you value for money while enjoying top-notch functionality and convenience.

Whether for home use, office spaces, or commercial establishments, this cooler is the perfect choice for all your refrigeration needs. With its compact design, castor wheels for easy mobility, and spring-loaded hinges for effortless usage, Voltas 300l Vfc Combo Cooler offers unparalleled versatility and suitability for various applications, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Experience the Difference with Voltas

Voltas is a leading brand for air conditioning and refrigeration. With years of expertise and our our unwavering commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves in being different and best at everything we do. 

With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, we deliver superior cooling solutions that exceed expectations and products that stand the test of time. We ensure convenience and wide reach with more than 25,000 customer touch points across the nation. More than 10 Million households have trusted Voltas and our cutting-edge technology for our nnovative products crafted to deliver optimal performance and enhance  living or working environment.

At Voltas, we offer a wide range of unmatched cooling solutions for a variety of needs and settings. Here’s a brief overview of our range of cooling and refrigeration solutions:

  • Commercial Refrigeration: Designed for use in commercial settings such as restaurants, supermarkets, and food storage warehouses.
  • Deep Freezer: Featuring lower temperature range, typically used for long-term storage of frozen goods.
  • Convertibles: A versatile refrigerator design that offers the flexibility to switch between cooling and freezing modes, providing adaptable storage options for different types of food items.
  • Hard Top Freezer: Features a solid, durable top cover, commonly used in commercial and industrial settings for storing frozen food items.
  • Glass Top Freezer: A freezer unit with a transparent glass lid, allowing for easy visibility of stored items, often used in retail display settings.
  • Domestic Refrigerator: Refrigerator designed for home use, typically featuring compartments for fresh food storage and freezer storage.

Apart from refrigerators, we also offer a wide range of air coolers for different needs such as desert air coolers, tower air coolers, room air coolers, and more. For more information on air coolers, check out our Comprehensive guide for Air Coolers. Visit our website or any of our stores and experience the difference that Voltas brings to your cooling experience today!