Choosing the Best Air Cooler for Your Home: A Practical Guide

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Air coolers have become a lifeline for many households in a country like India, where temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius. These cooling companions are especially essential in hot and dry regions. But here's the twist: Voltas Air Coolers have taken things up a notch with their range powered by the innovative Smart Humidity Controller. This little marvel keeps you cool and optimises humidity levels for utmost comfort, even in the stickiest of heat.

Let's explore air coolers now. Finding the best air cooler can be difficult amidst many brands and models available in the market. Before picking an air cooler, it's crucial to understand the types, features, and prices. Here's a breakdown to help you out:

Personal Coolers- Your Own Cool Haven

Personal air coolers are the way to go when personal space is your priority. Designed for smaller areas like bedrooms, hostel rooms, or tiny offices, these compact cooling units are energy-efficient and quieter than their desert counterparts. With water storage capacities of up to 20 liters, these water air coolers are easy to move around, thanks to their castor wheels. Voltas, for instance, offers a range of personal coolers with features like Turbo air throw, an 8-hour timer, and an empty tank alarm. Checking out the different models helps you figure out the Voltas air cooler price range.

Desert Coolers- Tackling the Heat with Power

For larger spaces in hot and dry regions, desert coolers are the heavyweights. With tank capacities of up to 90 liters, these coolers are ideal for medium to large rooms, offices, prayer halls, and restaurants. They're even suitable for outdoor spaces like terraces. Voltas desert coolers have various variants, some with an intelligent humidity controller and an anti-bacterial tank. On the other hand, sleek designs highlight the Victor and Grand series, perfect for small spaces.

Tower Coolers- Sleek and Stylish Cooling

When space is a constraint, tower coolers come to the rescue. Voltas offers sleek tower coolers designed to cool compact spaces effectively. These coolers are stylish and functional, with honeycomb cooling pads, intelligent humidity control, an empty tank alarm, and a feather touch panel. You can find tower coolers with water storage capacities ranging from 25 to 50 liters to suit your needs.

Window Coolers- Perfect Fit and Fresh Air

Designed to fit perfectly in windows, window air coolers are ideal for offices and small rooms. These coolers have tank capacities of 40 to 60 liters and offer a unique advantage: they cool fresh outside air instead of recycling indoor air. Some Voltas window air coolers even come with a trolley for easy mobility, making them versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

Finding Your Ideal Cooling Partner

Before placing your air cooler, ensure the area has good cross ventilation to reduce humidity. You can pick the correct type of air cooler based on where you live, the available space, and your required tank capacity. As you narrow your choices, consider design, portability, alarms, and humidity control. With the best air cooler in India from Voltas, by your side, you'll breeze through the summer months with comfort and ease.

Save Your money

Voltas Air Coolers are low in price, energy efficient, long-lasting and save you money. They offer you the best value for your money.

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