Choosing the Perfect Water Cooler: Four Important Factors

water cooler
We often come across water coolers in both workplaces and public places. With many options available, deciding which one to buy can be tricky. A few things should be considered to ensure you get the best value for your money.

1. Size and Cooling Power

Water cooler prices range from less than twenty thousand to over seventy thousand rupees. The price depends on various factors, like how much water it can hold and how quickly it cools the water. Fancy features and more enormous capacities usually mean a higher price. Basic models with around twenty litres of storage and cooling capacity are priced at about twenty thousand rupees.

2. More Than Just Price

On the other hand, you can find water dispensers with RO and UV purifiers that can store eighty litres, an astonishing forty litres of water per hour, costing around seventy thousand rupees. There are also mid-range options that offer more features than the basic ones. However, don't just focus on the price. Think about your budget, how much cooling you need now and in the future, and how safe it is to use.

3. Cool and Clean

Water dispensers today come with energy-saving features and are better for the environment. Look for ones with CFC-free cooling to help protect nature. If you want safe drinking water, consider a stainless steel water cooler. A compact design is excellent so that it can fit in any space. Additional features like adjustable legs can be handy to keep it steady on uneven surfaces.

4. Saving Energy

Pick a water dispenser with an energy-efficient compressor. It will cool your water quickly while using less electricity. Sound insulation is also essential so your water stays cool even if the power goes out. Some coolers have innovative insulation that keeps water cool for a long time, even without power.

Lastly, go for a well-known brand that's known for making top-quality durable cooling products and is recognised for its excellent customer service.

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