What Is a Front Load Washing Machine?

What Is a Front Load Washing Machine?

We live in an age where electronic machines have replaced housemaids. But a washing machine is one essential home appliance that has not become a luxury but a necessity. There are several washing machine models that range from top-load to front-load, from semi-automatic to fully automatic ones. However, the question which arose in the '90s, when the front-load washing machines made their debut, still persists

What Are the Benefits of a Front Load Washing Machine?

What makes a front-load washing machine the right choice for you? It all comes down to how it cleans your clothes. The front door machine tumbles the clothes inside the drum with a horizontal axis. Thus, it requires less energy and resources as the tumbling motion of the horizontal axis depends primarily on gravity.

What Can Be Better Than Having an Eco-Friendly Washer?

A standard front door washing machine uses about five gallons of water per load and tumbles laundry through a shallow pool of water. Carbon footprint is reduced as their tumbling motion requires less power and water from the dryer and the machine itself. These high-efficiency machines also require less detergent. Thus, fewer chemicals are released into the soil and groundwater. Since they are more energy-efficient, it is natural for the front load washing machines to be better for the environment.

Save Your Money with a Front Load Washer!

One common misconception is that front-load machines are costlier compared to most top-load washers. However, the upfront cost of a front-load sets off over time by the savings on utility bills as it uses less water and power.

A Washing Machine That Gladly Washes Large Loads

If you have a large family or wash large loads of laundry, a front load washing machine should be your choice. The drum in this washer does not have a central axis, and unlike top-loaders, there is more space inside the front-load washer drum. So get ready to fit in more clothes in each wash load!

A Machines That Is Ideal for Compact Spaces

The main benefit of a front-load washer is it can be stacked on top of a dryer, which helps save space in the laundry room. This makes them great for smaller homes and apartments.

Can Normal Detergents Be Used in Front Load Washing Machines?

Not just efficiency but also the detergent should be considered when you decide on buying a washing machine. With improvements in technologies, even the chemical and formulations for detergents change to match the requirements of new trends.

Can normal detergents be used in a front load washer? The answer is no. Only High Efficiency (HE) front load detergent should be used in these models. However, it needs the HE mark to determine the formula detergent. If any other detergents are added to a high-efficiency washer, it can create lots of froth and hampers the machine.

Why Choose Voltas Front Load Washer?

Voltas has much better solutions for all your laundry needs. From large families to nuclear families, our prices and specifications are best suited for all Indian homes. Our front load fully automatic washing machines give your laundry a quality clean, are more energy and water-efficient. The washers have wash features for all soil levels and fabric types. Voltas front load washing machines are far quieter than top ones, thanks to advanced suspension systems and motors. Choose the right washer because your laundry needs care too!