Simple Strategies to Beat the Heat and Cut Cooling Costs

With the mercury rising, having an air conditioner is a must to beat the heat. Some people may fear that Air conditioners can result in higher bills. However, there are innovative strategies to reduce these costs while still enjoying your Air Conditioner.

Take help of your Ceiling Fan!

Even though a ceiling fan can't match the cooling strength of an AC on its own, it may help to improve the cooling efficiency of your AC. Running your ceiling fan while the air conditioner is on creates a pleasant breeze which will help you feel cozy even if you keep your AC at a slightly higher temperature. This will help you have a comfortable experience and yet save electricity.

Fine-Tune Your Air Conditioner's Temperature

It's natural to turn the AC to its chilliest setting when stepping into a hot room. It is still necessary to do more to speed up the cooling process. Instead, go for an ideal temperature, often about 24 degrees Celsius. This not only keeps you comfortable but also reins in your energy expenses. When indoor and outdoor temperatures are close, your AC uses less energy, which reduces your energy bill.

Outsmart Heat Buildup

Various factors, both inside and outside, play a role in accumulating extra heat within your living space. Even if your AC is top-notch, heat management remains vital. Electronic devices such as computers and appliances produce significant heat. Use them with moderation and power them off when idle to minimise heat output. Consider moving tasks like cooking and dishwashing to more excellent parts of the day to prevent unnecessary heat buildup. Adopting these tactics makes your AC more effective and reduces your energy usage.

Seal Up the Leaks

For preserving cool air and blocking out heat, a well-insulated home is essential. Gaps near doors, windows, and vents can sabotage your AC's hard work. Weather stripping and sealants can seal these openings effectively, ensuring your home remains cool. Also smaller room, with less volume of air, not only cools faster but is more energy eficient to cool as compared to a Large room.

Enjoy the Natural Coolness

Mother Nature has her ways to keep things cool. Try opening your windows during the more excellent times of the day when you don’t use AC, like early mornings and evenings, to invite in some fresh air. Use curtains and blinds to shield your space from direct sunlight during the hottest hours. And if you position fans thoughtfully to promote cross-ventilation, you'll boost the airflow and keep your indoors comfy.

Sticking to these simple yet impactful strategies lets you relish a pleasantly cool home without straining your finances or the planet.

Go for Energy Efficient AC

All ACs are not equal when it comes to cooling or energy efficiency. First of all buy AC according to your room size. Choose 1 ton AC if you have small room, 1.5 ton AC slightly bigger and 2 ton AC if you have a large room. Also keep in mind no of people who will be in that room while deciding the tonnage of AC. Next if possible, try to go for Split AC which takes not only less space in your room but is also more energy efficient. Next try to go for Inverter AC  which automatically adjust the power based on the the requirement. Also pay attention to Star ratings. Higher the star rating better the energy efficiency with 5 Star being the highest. As an example suppose you have a small room then the most energy efficient AC for you would be 1 Ton Split Inverter AC with 5 Star rating. By paying attention to such details as per your own individual needs you would be surprised to save lot of electricity while still enjoying the comfort of your AC.

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