The Best AC For Cooling your Personal Space

Window AC

Are you looking for an AC that will be the best for your personal space? Then you need not look around much. You can have a look at the features of Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC, Voltas All Weather Window AC with Intelligent Heating, and Voltas Fixed Speed Window AC.

These window ACs are equipped with rotary compressors. These compressors are efficient that can cool a small space like your personal room very fast. There are two different cooling capacities in Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC. If the weather is too hot, you can increase the cooling capacity. At other times, you can let the AC work at a lower cooling capacity. In this way, you can also use power economically.

Another feature that is convenient and also optimizes energy consumption is energy saving mode. As soon as the desired cooling is done by the AC, the compressor will shut down automatically. And it will auto restart when you start feeling uncomfortable.

Getting fresh air is possible when you are using a Voltas Window Air Conditioner. There is an anti-dust filter that removes all dust before ventilating cool air in the room. You will get dual filter protection because of an HD Filter. The smallest microscopic dust particles get filtered out leaving you with fresh air. Voltas All weather window AC has a nano-silver filter designed to filter out airborne pollutants.

The air you get is also without any water vapour which reduces the suffocating feeling you have when it is highly humid. If you put the window AC on Superdry mode, the water vapor condenses in the evaporator dehumidifying the air that flows into your personal space.

You will also feel that you get instantly cooled when you switch on a Voltas Window Air Conditioner. The AC is endowed with the feature of high ambient cooling that helps it cool your personal space even if the temperatures outside is unbearable. This is because these ACs have condenser made of copper coil that helps it in faster cooling. You can also adjust the direction of the cool air with the help of a swing.

Another feature that provides better cooling when you enter your personal space after a long day’s work is turbo cooling and turbo airflow. The turbo cooling feature ensures that the cooling is done within a few minutes. Turbo airflow ensures that you do not have to be close to the AC to experience the cool air.

When you are in your personal space, you just want to relax. These Voltas ACs can make you feel at ease whenever you are in your personal space. Since it has glow buttons and an LCD remote, you need not exert yourself too much even if the lights are off.

An LED indicator is also provided that lets you know what exactly is the problem when there is a malfunction. Since the LED display is large, you need not put a lot of strain on your eyes. Because it has a sleep mode, you need not reset the temperature after you have gone to bed.

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