Comparison Between Side By Side vs Double Door Refrigerator

Side By Side vs Double Door Refrigerator

You wake up early on a lovely Saturday morning and prepare to buy a new refrigerator. You gather your list and travel to the closest appliance retailer. As you walk in, you're greeted with many options, from sleek stainless-steel models to colorful retro-inspired designs. But before you can decide, you need to make a choice between side by side or double door?

Double Door Fridge

Double-door refrigerators have two separate compartments, one for refrigeration and the other for freezing. Because they feature two doors that open outward, much like French doors in a home, they are often referred to as French door refrigerators. Typically, the refrigerator compartment sits at the top with two small doors swinging out to reveal shelves where food and drinks can be kept. At the bottom lies the freezer section accessible via a pull-out door or a single drawer.

Side by Side Refrigerator

Side by side refrigerators feature two vertical compartments, with one side for refrigeration and the other for freezing. The fridge and freezer compartments are located next to each other, with two separate doors that swing open to reveal the interior. They provide easy accessibility to the fridge and freezer sections, so you don't have to bend down or reach up to grab items.

Comparison Between Side by Side and Double Door Fridges

Double door and side by side refrigerators are two common choices for homeowners shopping for a new fridge. Even though each type has their pros and cons, a careful comparison of fridges will help you choose the best option for your requirements.

Design and Capacity

Double door refrigerators have a top-mounted freezer and a bottom-mounted refrigerator. In contrast, side by side refrigerators have two separate compartments for the fridge and freezer located side by side. For larger houses or people who prefer to stock up on goods, side by side refrigerators are a smart option because they often have more storage space than double door refrigerators. However, the larger fridge compartments in double door refrigerators can be useful if you need additional room for fresh items.


Due to their eye-level placement, side by side refrigerators simplify accessing the fridge and freezer regions. This may be helpful if you struggle to bend over or have back issues. Double door refrigerators can be more difficult to reach when you need something from the back of the fridge or freezer.

Energy Efficiency

Double door refrigerators are generally more energy-efficient than side by side refrigerators. This is because side by side refrigerators have a larger surface area exposed to warm air every time the door is opened, which can cause the fridge to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature.


Both freezers have numerous functions, such as temperature control, ice and water dispensers, and door alarms. Compared to double door refrigerators, side by side refrigerators are more likely to include these features as standard. On the other hand, double door refrigerators can be more customizable regarding shelving and door configurations.


In general, double door refrigerators cost less than side by side refrigerators. This is due to their larger size and additional features. However, prices vary widely depending on the fridge's brand, model, and features.

Ultimately, it boils down to what is essential when choosing between a side by side and double door refrigerator. A side by side refrigerator might be ideal if you require a lot of storage space and organizational alternatives. A double door refrigerator can be the best option if you are concerned about energy efficiency and want a larger freezer capacity. Regardless of the sort of Voltas refrigerator you select, consider elements like size, appearance, and extra amenities to discover the ideal fit for your kitchen and way of life.