Dos and Don'ts of Using a Washing Machine | Voltas

Dos and Don'ts of Using a Washing Machine | Voltas

Imagine having a dinner party with your family and friends & all your mouth-watering dishes are served on the table. In the excitement of tasting all the flavorful food, you accidentally spill curry on your kurta. How are you going to deal with this disaster? Introducing a wide range of Voltas washing machines, which feature the Stain Expert program that can clean the toughest stains of masala, curry, oil, etc. Now that you have taken care of that, let’s explore the dos and don’ts of utilizing your washing machine properly.

Do separate colors

You must separate your clothes into four categories - whites, light colors, dark colors and delicates. Doing so ensures the dark shades of your clothes don’t transfer to the lighter ones. It will also be best to treat the stain of the clothes before a regular wash.

Don’t overload the washing machine

If you jam-pack the washing machine with all your clothes at once, they won't be able to move around freely to be adequately cleaned. This will lead to another round of washing, wasting water and energy. Generally, depending on your load, you can get the appropriate washing machine size for your home.

Do check the garment labels

Before you put your clothes in the washing machine, remember to check the label for washing instructions. Some clothes need to be washed separately or at a particular temperature for the best care.

Don’t forget to check the pockets

This is such an easy task, yet we tend to forget to check pockets before washing. Survey every pocket for tissues, money, etc., before putting it in the washing machine.

Do place delicates in laundry bags

It is advised to put delicate clothing in laundry bags or pillowcases instead of directly placing them in the washing machine to protect the fabrics.

Don’t pour fabric conditioner directly

Direct contact with fabric conditioners will stain the clothes; instead, pour the liquid into the designated compartment within the washing machine. Both top load washing machines and front load washing machines have separate containers for the conditioner.

Do open the machine door after use

Leaving the machine door open after washing your clothes will allow it to air dry, preventing mold from growing and avoiding any lingering smells.

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