Ensure Faster Drying With Monsoon Dry Feature in Voltas Washing Machines

Ensure Faster Drying With Monsoon Dry Feature in Voltas Washing Machines

Imagine watching the rainfall from the window in the comfort of your home. With every deep breath, you want to take in the fresh fragrance of the wet soil, but instead, all you can smell is the musty odour of your clothes drying inside your house. Wouldn’t that be an unpleasant experience! The monsoon can be blissful unless you have to dry tons of dresses every day. As there isn’t enough sunlight outside, the moisture further accumulates in the clothes and spreads an awful odour. But is there even a solution to this issue? It’s not like you could control the weather! To tackle this problem, Voltas has introduced the Monsoon dry feature in washing machines that enables faster and efficient drying and cleaning of your garments. Explore the exceptional features of the Voltas washing machine.

Provides an advanced Monsoon dry feature

Voltas’s top-loading washing machines provide a variety of technologies that makes washing your clothes easier. Our IPX4-rated washing machines include the Monsoon dry feature that comes with a powerful motor, and India-specific washing programs to dry your clothes quickly. This feature uses advanced air power technology that removes excess moisture from the clothes and dries them within 30 minutes. The Monsoon dry feature alone increases the drying efficiency up to 17%, which further combined with our FastDryTM technology makes drying your clothes effortless. With our machines, you will not have to worry about changing your day’s outfit altogether just because your clothes are not dry.

Offers ideal rinsing and cleaning results 

A key ingredient to perfect cleaning is an appropriate mixture of solutions. Voltas offers AutoDose technology that detects the load of clothes and automatically mixes the right amount of solution. This completely removes dirt from your clothes and cleans them expertly. AutoDose combined with the Monsoon dry feature gives you hygienic ready-to-wear clothes, imparting an easy laundry experience.

Removes stubborn stains effortlessly

Wet mud splashes during the monsoon can stain your clothes. Washing off these stains and drying the clothes can get challenging in this season. Voltas introduces Dual Power Rain to remove stains effortlessly combined with the Monsoon dry feature that dries your clothes within 30 minutes. You will find your clothes clean and ready to flaunt even in the monsoon. Our machines will never let you lose your favourite garments.

The washing machines of Voltas are manufactured using robust and advanced technologies that make washing clothes easier than ever. Our Monsoon dry feature in washing machines takes off the laundry task from your list and allows you to do what you love the most! Our 5-star rated machines offer Indian-specific functions to make your laundry experience fun and easy. Check out the exclusive features and benefits of Voltas washing machines.