Get Superior Cooling by investing in Smart and Eco-Friendly ACs

smart ac

The way an AC works can come as a relief for you. You are already too stressed out with your work, relationships, health and plenty of other things.

So, an adjustable inverter AC can help in reducing your tension a bit. You might envy a neighbour who recently bought an AC and is enjoying a comfortable life. A Voltas Adjustable Inverter Split AC can offer all the advantages that your neighbour is getting from his AC. And you can also get features that are not available in any of the brands.

Managing the monthly expenditure may become difficult because of the hefty electricity bills. This 1.5-ton split AC will relieve your financial stress by cutting down your energy consumption. Now, it is the turn of the neighbour to enquire about how you have managed to reduce the electricity bills.

There are some cool features that make this AC more energy efficient. First of all, you can adjust the capacities depending on the requirement. If the number of people in a room is more or if the temperatures have soared, you can increase the tonnage with your remote. By doing so, power consumption can be optimized.

Secondly, there is an inverter technology in the AC. Now, non-inverter ACs switch off when the set temperature is reached. When an AC is constantly switched on and off, energy efficiency goes for a toss. With the help of inverter technology, the motor speed reduces when the set temperature is reached. Thus, it optimizes energy consumption smartly.

Operating the Voltas Adjustable Inverter Split AC is easy for anybody. It has glow buttons and an LED display which will make using it in dim light convenient. An LCD remote control will give you extra comfort. There is a display on the AC which shows the temperature. When there is a malfunction, there will be an LED flash. You can refer to the manual to correct it.

Sleep mode is available in this AC. It helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep. You will not be required to increase the temperature after you have gone to bed. This AC will automatically increase the temperature after the desired cooling has been done. This feature also helps in reducing power consumption.

You can enjoy features that increase the possibility of you enjoying better health after a period of time. There are filters in this 1.5-ton split AC that will reduce the level of particulate matter in the air. There is an anti-dust filter which removes the dust from the air. You will experience a freshness in the air you breathe because of this.

Cooling is something all the ACs will do. But, in summer when the news of heat waves puts you on high alert, instant cooling is required. The condenser in Voltas Adjustable Inverter Split AC is efficient that ensures the AC cools faster. So, even if the ambient temperature is 50 degree Celsius, it will provide you with instant cooling.

Most ACs will require a lot of maintenance. Your neighbour may be calling a technician every fortnight. But, there are features in this AC that reduce maintenance issues. A 100 % copper condenser makes it durable. This 1.5 ton split AC will work on a wide range of voltages protecting it against voltage fluctuations. You will not require a stabilizer to prevent any breakdown.

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