Hello Fresh Guard™ Featured Fridge by Voltas Beko - Food Stays Natural & Healthy

Fresh Guard™ Featured Fridge by Voltas Beko - Food Stays Natural & Healthy

We at Voltas Beko have always been on the lookout for the best cooling solutions for our refrigerators. Whether it is a double door, a side-by-side or even the base model, every Voltas Beko refrigerator must ensure reliable cooling and everything that comes with it. Well, one thing that comes with it is usually the question, ‘Will it stay fresh?’ And the answer is a technology which makes them stand out from the rest: Fresh Guard.

Fresh Guard feature eliminates terrible odour, retains nutrition, extends your food’s shelf life, and eliminates the chances of freezer burn.

How does Hello Fresh Guard work?

Fresh Guard technology uses a wide assortment of features to keep your food or produce nice & fresh. The features include temperature management, humidity control, air circulation and odour management. When working in conjunction, these features assure fresh results, the likes of which you can literally taste.

An extended shelf life of your food

By constantly monitoring optimal temperature, humidity and air circulation, the Fresh Guard™ technology helps extend the life of perishable goods. It slows the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, keeping the food as fresh as possible for extended periods.

Quality food preservation

The Fresh Guard technology significantly increases the quality of fresh food and other food items. By creating the ideal environment, limiting moisture loss and preventing excess moisture buildup, the food has a lower degree of getting spoiled, maintaining its texture, taste and nutritional value.

Odour control inside the fridge

Different foods and different odours, all in a sealed environment, lead to foul-smelling food. The Voltas Beko Fresh Guard technology eliminates the odour problem by employing filters and separate air compartments for optimal air circulation. This prevents mixing different smells, leading to food that tastes good and unsmelly.

Food Nutrition Retention

The bacteria that lurks inside a refrigerator is invisible but potent. The Fresh Guard technology eliminates that bacteria by 99.99%, keeping the foods you store inside from losing all their nutrients, proteins, and vitamins every time you swing open those doors.

No Freezer burns

With Voltas Beko's Fresh Guard technology and NeoFrost Dual Cooling, your fridge maintains the perfect temperature. It automatically balances the cooling and humidity levels, preventing your food from freezing. You can also set the temperature according to your needs. This means you don't have to wait for food to defrost before cooking.

The Fresh Guard technology in Voltas Beko High End Frost Free Refrigerators is an optimal solution that ensures food safety and freshness. It supports the highly-coveted experience of opening up a heavily loaded refrigerator and smelling everything neutral rather than the assault on your nostrils that those foul-smelling, freshness-lacking refrigerators do.