How to Unlock Voltas AC Remote? Step By Step Guide

how to unlock voltas ac remote

This blog will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to unlock a Voltas AC remote. We aim to help readers who may encounter difficulties with locked remotes, allowing them to regain control of their air conditioning settings quickly and easily. By sharing instructions and tips, we hope to empower users to effectively manage their AC units for optimal comfort and convenience.

The Voltas AC remote comes equipped with a convenient lock feature that allows users to prevent accidental setting changes. By simply pressing the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously, users can activate the lock, ensuring that their desired temperature and mode settings remain unchanged. This remote can also be used in place of a Voltas split AC remote or a Voltas window AC remote.

This feature is especially useful in households with children or pets, where unintended adjustments to the AC settings can occur frequently. This is also why this feature is called the “Child Lock” feature by a lot of other brands. By utilising the lock feature, users can have peace of mind knowing that their preferred settings are secure, allowing for a more consistent and comfortable indoor environment.

Additionally, unlocking the remote is just as easy – pressing the "+" and "-" buttons together again disables the lock, providing users with the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

Identifying a Locked Voltas AC Remote

A locked Voltas AC remote can be identified by the presence of a lock symbol or indicator on the display screen, typically represented by an icon such as a padlock. So, you can easily know if your AC remote is in lock mode simply by looking for the icon.

Unlocking Voltas AC Remote

Let us briefly discuss how to unlock your Voltas AC Remote and some troubleshooting tips:

How To Unlock Voltas Ac Remote?

Unlocking your Voltas AC remote lock is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps. Follow these instructions to regain control of your air conditioning settings:

  1. Press the temperature up (+) and down (-) buttons simultaneously.
  2. Hold both buttons for approximately 3-5 seconds.

After holding the buttons for the specified duration, you should notice the lock symbol disappearing from the display screen. This disappearance confirms that the remote has been successfully unlocked, allowing you to make adjustments to your AC settings with ease.


If the simple method of unlocking your Voltas AC remote control doesn't work, consider the following steps:

  1. Repeat the unlocking steps: Try pressing the temperature up (+) and down (-) buttons simultaneously again, ensuring that you hold them for the specified duration (3-5 seconds).
  2. Check the batteries: Low battery power can sometimes affect the functionality of the remote. Replace the batteries with fresh ones and attempt to unlock the remote again. You can also try removing the batteries and putting them in again.
  3. If the problem still persists, you can download the Voltas AC remote app or other similar apps from the Play Store or Apple Store. These applications help you control AC devices for different via wifi-connection and come with various features to change the air conditioner temperature, fan power, and more.

Following these troubleshooting steps can address common issues that may prevent the simple unlocking method from working effectively. Don’t forget to refer to the user manual that comes with your AC unit or contact the manufacturer for assistance.


In conclusion, unlocking your Voltas AC remote- be it a Voltas split AC remote or a Voltas window AC remote, is a simple process that involves pressing the temperature up (+) and down (-) buttons simultaneously for 3-5 seconds until the lock symbol disappears from the display screen. This allows you to regain control of your air conditioning settings and enjoy optimal comfort in your space.

For further information about Voltas AC remotes, including troubleshooting tips and product specifications, you can contact Voltas customer support or visit their official website.

Unlocking your Voltas AC remote is just a few button presses away, ensuring convenient and hassle-free control over your air conditioning system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do you reset a Voltas AC remote?

To reset your Voltas AC Remote, remove and then reinsert the batteries. In some models, there is a dedicated button to reset the remote. Pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds will reset your AC remote.

Q.2 Where to buy a Voltas AC remote online?
Voltas AC remotes are available online to purchase on Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

Q.3 What are the functions of a Voltas AC remote control?
The Voltas AC remote control comes with a range of convenient functions and features. It allows you to set temperatures from 16°C to 30°C and is equipped with a dual-digit display and LED indicators. You also have the flexibility to adjust fan speeds with options for Low, Medium, High, and Auto settings, allowing you to tailor airflow to your liking.

Additionally, the timer function lets you schedule the AC to turn on or off at specific times, providing both convenience and energy savings. In case of power failure, the remote's memory backup ensures that your preferred settings are retained, restoring them once power is restored. It's important to note that while these features are available, the specific functionalities may vary depending on the model of the Voltas AC unit purchased, as remote key features are customized to suit different models and functionalities.