Interesting Facts About Side by Side Refrigerator

Interesting Facts About Side by Side Refrigerator

When shopping for a refrigerator, you have a choice between a single door and a side by side double door fridge. How often have you brought a month’s worth of groceries and realised there is no space in the fridge? When this happens, you wish you’d have a larger, more spacious refrigerator. You must consider installing a side by side door fridge as its side by side double door refrigerator makes it super spacious and extremely convenient to store food items in bulk.

It’s spacious

The side by side double door fridge is super spacious, and a key feature is that the freezer also has a massive space to store things. No more will you have to consider the fridge capacity while shopping for groceries and other food items because the side by side door fridge has enough capacity for your needs and requirements. Now you can throw a huge party without worrying about storing the drinks and food as this spacious side by side double door fridge is the Babubali of the refrigerator.

A side by side door fridge is easily over 600 liters, more than enough space for you.

Items can be found easily

How many times have you had to dig through your fridge to find something? With a side by side double door fridge, it’s easier to find items. You can use the top shelf to store the things you use daily to find them quickly. All the commonly used items will be within your reach, plus with the spacious shelves of side by side door refrigerators, so say goodbye to crowded, messy space. Plus, if you can’t find something, the side by side doors give you a wide and easy access to your items stored in the fridge.

Side by side refrigerators dimension, size and capacity

The standard side by side refrigerator dimension is between 67 to 70 inches in height and 30 to 36 inches in width and 29 to 35 inches in depth. The side by side refrigerators size and capacity can differ as per the brand and your requirements. Although, the standard capacity of the side by side door refrigerator is 531-700 litres. And If you have 5 to 6 members in your family, then a 600L to 650L capacity refrigerator is ideal for you. In addition, some of the side by side door fridges have water and ice that can be dispensed from the door, so that too can make a difference.

Double Doors need less room to swing open

When you use the doors of the side by side refrigerator, you will realise it takes less room to swing open. This releases you from the worry of making an extra space for a side by side door fridge, and assures that your other kitchen appliances won’t be affected.

The best side by side door refrigerator

Voltas Beko offers some of the ultimate side by side refrigerators in India. The variety in terms of colours, design and size they offer is impressive. The side by side refrigerator price ranges from Rs. 79,990 to Rs. 99,990. Voltas Beko offers a side door refrigerator at different prices, which allows you to choose as per your budget, yet the quality remains uncompromised.

These are some of the interesting facts about side by side refrigerators. Its outstanding features and specification make it an ultimate choice. Additionally, its sleek design will enhance the decor of your house. You don't have to go searching for the best side by side refrigerator as Voltas Beko is offering some of the finest side by side refrigerators at exciting prices.