Perfect Clothing Care Tips for Stain Expert Washing Machine by Voltas

Perfect Clothing Care Tips for Stain Expert Washing Machine by Voltas

In India, it is impossible to avoid staining your clothes. From being splashed by muddy water while walking on the road to accidentally dropping food whilst you cook or eat, our garments are bound to have multiple stains by the end of the day. Getting rid of a stain isn’t all that easy either. If not washed immediately, the stain is likely to stay and you might have to get inventive in ways to get rid of it. Luckily, Voltas washing machine’s StainExpertTM gets rid of toughest stains while ensuring the fabric doesn’t go bust. Explore the features of StainExpertTM washing machines:

Removes stains effortlessly

Voltas StainExpertTM washing machines are built considering India's climate and the daily functions of the people living here. With the excess humidity, it’s common to see sweat stains on collars and under the sleeves. Additionally, our foods contain an array of flavours and colors that are likely to end up on our garments even on the best of days. That’s when StainExpertTM washing machines feature come to the rescue! These machines easily tackle up to 26 different types of stains with three different soil level options. Washing your stained clothes with StainExpertTM washing machines removes tough stains with a combination of rinse cycles, special soaking phases, different water temperatures and increased tumbling actions, resulting in spot-free clothes. In addition, the top-tier technology ensures that the process does not damage your garments, rather just cleans every inch of them thoroughly.

Automates the perfect solution for enhanced cleaning

Voltas also provides an AutoDose feature that automatically detects the weight of clothes in the machine and mixes the right amount of solution, ensuring efficient cleaning of all garments. The combination of AutoDose and StainExpertTM enhances your laundry experience and prolongs the lifespan of your clothes. These features maintain the quality and hygiene of your clothes by removing the minutest dirt particles and keeping you and your family healthy. Additionally, the machines are built to save water, and lower your energy bills and detergent use, ultimately minimising your expenses.

Enables anti-allergic laundry for your sensitive skin

Travelling or cooking in India's humid climate is impossible without breaking a sweat. Sweaty clothes attract more dust, germs and microorganisms, making you prone to allergies and infections. Voltas's Hygiene+ feature, combined with StainExpertTM technology, enables you to set the temperature between 20°C and 90°C, which effectively washes your clothes and removes bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. The combined powerful technology provides sterile clothes that protect your skin from potential infections and allergies, ensuring your laundry is hygienic and safe.

The washing machines of Voltas are equipped with some of the most robust technologies in the market that make your laundry experience extraordinary. Our machines also enable you to save time, money and the environment with every wash! What’s more? Our washing machines not only clean your clothes effectively but also impart a modern and stylish look. With a glossy finish and systematically placed functions, laundry will no longer be a chore to you. Explore Voltas washing machines and pick the one that suits you best.