ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor in Fridge for Energy Efficient Cooling

ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor in Fridge for Energy Efficient Cooling

Does your refrigerator shoot up your electric bills? Did you settle for a cheaper model that makes loud noises for optimal functioning? Generally, buying a less expensive refrigerator may save you some costs during purchase but they draw more energy, thus making you spend large amounts on electricity bills in the long run. This is why, latest technologies in home appliances are designed to make lives easier, for they provide a better ROI and reduce expenses. With this aim in mind, Voltas Beko provides ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor in fridges, so you don’t have to worry about your monthly electricity bills or food quality. Check out the benefits of having a ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor in your fridge:

High efficiency

Voltas Beko’s ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor is energy-efficient and uses less electricity. This means that even if your Voltas Beko fridge is running for the whole day, you won’t get exorbitant bills, allowing you to invest in more valuable things. This system makes your Voltas refrigerator energy-efficient by up to 70%. You can compare the amount of savings after using Voltas Beko ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor fridges and the results won’t be disappointing.

Low refrigerator noise

The ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor in your Voltas fridge is designed with high-tech motor and energy-efficient components. Moreover, it consists of a special BLDC fan that has a slow rotational speed, making the operation four times quieter. With this system, your refrigerator will never make noise and also ensure faster cooling. These energy-saving technologies impart high performance and ensure reliability.

High durability

The ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor features a brushless motor, which is designed to prevent its deterioration. This naturally enhances the durability and performance of Voltas refrigerators. This technology eliminates the chance of potential motor damage and cuts down repair and maintenance costs. Voltas Beko’s ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor is a commitment and investment that lasts for a longer time.

Environmentally friendly

The ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor uses less energy and minimizes your carbon footprint. Using Voltas Beko fridges enables you to conserve energy and be environmentally friendly. This way, you can take small steps to make a big difference by investing in the right appliances.

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Improve your quality of food and life by investing in Voltas Beko’s ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor. Our fridges have the finest features, so order yours now and grab the best deals.