Refrigerator Buying Guide - A Short Guide to Choose the Right Fridge

Refrigerator Buying Guide - A Short Guide to Choose the Right Fridge

During the summer months, nothing is more comforting than a glass of cold water or late-night ice cream. The thought of having something refreshing every time you wish for makes it the perfect time to upgrade your refrigerator. With so many options available, buying a fridge is not always easy; but here’s a short guide to help you.

How Much Does a Fridge Cost in India?

The refrigerator cost depends on the type of fridge you choose. Voltas Beko offers efficient and value for money fridges in all categories, starting from INR 18,990, all the way up to INR 79,990. Here’s a Voltas Beko refrigerator price table:

Refrigerator Type Capacity Price
Single Door 185 L - 220 L Starts from ₹18,990
Double Door 230 L - 340 L Starts from ₹23,990
Bottom Mounted 340 L – 695 L Starts from ₹41,990
High-End Frost Free 340 L – 610 L Starts from ₹42,390
Side by Side 472 L – 640 L Starts from ₹79,990

How do I choose a refrigerator-size?

Before buying a fridge in India, the first thing you need to do is to consider the refrigerator’s size that will fit your kitchen and suffice for your family.

You should account for 50 litres for each person in your family. For example, if your family only consists of three people, you should go for a refrigerator of at least 150 litres. You can always size up as per your preferences.

Lucky for you, Voltas Beko refrigerators come in a wide range of sizes, right from 185 litres to over 600 litres!

How many types of fridges are there?

Refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, but here are the four most common types of refrigerators that would fit your needs.

Single Door Fridge

A single door fridge, ranging from 121 to 130 litres, is sufficient for a family of two to three. It’s economical, but it has basic features and does not have a direct access freezer. Plus, most single door refrigerators require manual defrost regularly. These refrigerators start from INR 18,990.

Double Door Fridge

A double door fridge ranges from 231 to 500 litres, which is enough for a family of three to five. It comes with a frost-free feature, direct freezer access and is more energy-efficient than single door variants. Price range starts from INR 23,990.

Triple Door Fridge

A fancier alternative to a double door fridge is the triple door fridge, ranging from 240 to 400 litres. It is pretty similar to a double door refrigerator in nearly all aspects, but it is generally taller and has dedicated vegetable drawers at the bottom.

Side-By-Side Fridge

The side-by-side fridge is the largest fridge type you can buy, ranging from 550 to 850 litres. It has multiple freezer and vegetable storage options, and some high-end models even come with in-built water dispensers. Price range starts from INR 79,990.

Should a refrigerator run all the time?

One of the most common questions we often get asked is this, and the answer is yes. Let your fridge run at all times. Running a fridge 24x7 sounds expensive, but it is not the case. Modern refrigerators, especially Voltas Beko refrigerators, are highly energy-efficient. Plus, turning the refrigerator off during the day can actually worsen your electricity expenses. To understand this, let’s take a look at how fridges work.

Refrigerators come with compressors that cycle on-and-off throughout the day to maintain the temperature. And when it is running, it runs a four-stage cycle, as explained below.

What are the four stages of refrigeration?

The refrigeration cycle starts in the compressor, where the refrigerant is pressured into hot gas and pushed into the condenser, where it turns into hot liquid. The hot fluid is then pushed to the expansion valve, where it loses pressure and heat. From there, it enters into the evaporator, turning back into a gas, which cools the refrigerator.

When you turn off the refrigerator, you disrupt this cycle, which can hike your electricity bill significantly.

Buying a refrigerator in India can be a bit daunting, but thanks to Voltas Beko, it is no longer difficult. We offer you a wide range of fridge options that suit your needs and budget. Check out our range right now.