Save Time with Mini 30' Program in Auto Dish Washing Machine By Voltas

Save Time with Mini 30' Program in Auto Dish Washing Machine By Voltas

As you get ready for your day ahead, finding the time for washing dishes in your morning routine can be tough. We know washing dishes can take a significant chunk of our time, so if you have an alternate route that will reduce the time taken and still do a great job of washing, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, fret not because we have just the right product for your household! Auto dishwashing machines at Voltas are integrated with the Mini 30’ Program, an efficient and convenient option for those who need to clean their dishes quickly and don't want to wait through a longer cycle.

What is the Mini 30' Program?

The Mini 30’ Program in the dishwashing machine washes a full load in 30 minutes at 35ºC and provides up to 3X faster cleaning. The Mini 30' programme was created to finish a dishwashing cycle in just 30 minutes, which can save users who need to wash dishes rapidly a significant amount of time. This cycle is perfect for people who only need to wash a small amount of lightly soiled dishes, such as those that were used for a quick snack or supper.

The Mini 30' programme uses higher water temperatures and strong water pressure to wash the dishes more quickly and effectively. In order to speed up the procedure, the programme may also omit some phases from the typical dishwashing cycle, such as the pre-wash or extra drying time. This program is also best suited for pre-rinsed dishes.

This program is also paired with additional features, such as:

  • AquaIntenseTM
    This feature is designed to target stubborn stains and hard-to-remove food particles by using powerful water jets that spray water at a higher pressure and from multiple angles.

  • GlassShieldTM Technology
    GlassShieldTM Technology is a feature in Voltas dishwashers that provides a more gentle and protective cleaning performance for delicate glassware. This feature is designed to prevent glassware from breaking, scratching, or becoming cloudy during the dishwashing process.

  • SteamGlossTM Technology
    This feature provides a superior drying performance by using high-temperature steam to remove any remaining moisture and leave dishes with a sparkling finish.


Some prominent benefits of the program include:

  • Time-Saving
    This program is perfect for the days when you are on a time crunch and want to finish doing your dishes quickly.

  • Energy-Saving
    The Mini 30' program in auto dishwashers is designed to save energy by using less water and electricity compared to longer dishwashing cycles. By running a shorter cycle, the dishwasher consumes less energy to heat the water and power the motor and pump.

  • Perfect for Lightly-Soiled Dishes and Glasses
    Some lightly soiled cutlery can quickly go into your Voltas dishwasher and be cleaned thoroughly with this Mini 30’ program, saving your energy.

Invest your precious time in other tasks while the Voltas dishwasher takes care of your dishes!