Smart Ways To Maximize Your Fridge Space

Smart Ways To Maximize Your Fridge Space

To remove things from and to place things in a messy refrigerator can be a headache. Therefore, it is better to organize and compartmentalize food items. Maybe you have extra space in the latest fridge models, but the unorganized placing of items can mess up the refrigerator space. This article acquaints you with the smart ways to maximize your fridge space, and it applies to all kinds of the fridge.


The refrigerator consists of a top-shelf and lower shelves with some drawers. You need to compartmentalize your items and drinks in these shelves and drawers. You can maybe compartmentalize like this:

Top shelf:

You can put the perishable items so that they are consumed on time and don’t get wasted. Also, you can keep the daily used items on the top shelf as it will save you time from searching the entire refrigerator.

Lower shelves:

You can probably keep eggs or chopped vegetables and organize them in a way that you can keep other items too.


As per your requirement, you can set the humidity level. In low humidity, maybe you can keep apples, berries, any food item with skin and in high humidity, you can store leafy vegetables.

Get sliding bins

Sliding bins are the most convenient way to organize and store your food items. Generally, it’s recommended to have all the vegetables in one bag, slid to the back of our fridges. So when you want one vegetable, you have to move all other items, separate the mixed vegetables and then cook. To avoid such a hassle, you can separate your vegetables in your sliding bins, which will make them handy. Also, you can easily move around the bins.

Separate the soon to expire items

If you mix up the perishable items with non-perishable ones, then either you would end up eating expired food and fall sick or throw it away by not using it on time. You can place them on the top shelf, so it is handy, within reach, and always in front of your eyes.

Also, if you keep such items in your refrigerator for a long time, it can spoil and start smelling - and you don’t want that to happen.

Label everything

You can probably use markers to label things or use decals that will help you in keeping similar items together so that they are not all over the place. Also, you would know which item is getting over and need to restore it. It will keep your things handy, and you would know the exact location of a particular item, and that would save you time from searching.

Effective use of wire shelves

You can effectively use the wire shelves by hanging the packets with binder clips. It is the best way to prevent the unpacked food from spilling on the fridge, therefore, keeping it neat and clean.

Pick a refrigerator with large space

Tried all these tricks and still don’t have space? Consider buying a new, larger fridge!

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