The Best Choice for Respite from Heat During Summers

air cooler

Summer seasons bring with it a lot of problems like dealing with the scorching heat. We all crave for a moment of respite from the humidity also. Air coolers are generally preferred because they are reasonably priced. However, which air cooler should you choose among the many available in the market? To make the right decision, you should look at the features of the air coolers. Perhaps, a tower cooler will be a good choice considering the fact that it has better cooling capacity.

As the name suggests, tower coolers are tall and therefore ensure air displacement from a height. Because of this, they can cool a larger space compared to other air coolers. The Slimm series of Voltas tower coolers can manage to cool rooms which are up to 230 square feet. This makes it ideal for drawing rooms which tend to be larger than the bedrooms.

Tower coolers have a better air throw than the generic air coolers available in the market. The Slimm series of Voltas have an air-throw of 7.5 metres. This is because a tower cooler has a blower instead of a fan. With a better air pressure, a blower makes this cooler far more effective than any other cooler. They have a turbo air-throw which enables cooling of large spaces. In addition to this, it can swing and oscillate which helps in faster cooling of your room.

This is just the beginning as you will know that there are even more features. The Slimm series of Voltas is equipped with an ice chamber. You can add ice to this compartment if you want instant cooling. There is a pre-soak facility in the tower coolers. With this facility, you can moisten the cooling medium before turning on the blower and, thus, ensures better cooling. All the Slimm series tower coolers of Voltas have honeycomb pads which perform better than other cooling mediums. Honeycomb pads are long-lasting and require little maintenance. Unlike other pads, they have a larger surface area ensuring fast evaporation of water and better cooling.

Convenience during the summers is also of paramount importance. Since Voltas tower coolers have superior features like touch control along with a remote, you need not exert yourself much in the hot season. You can use the remote to increase the blower speed from low to medium and, if necessary, to high. They also have an eco-cool mode which ensures that the water is used efficiently to cool your surroundings. This means that unlike other air coolers you need not refill the cooler frequently with water. The capacity of the water tanks in tower coolers is also high. Additionally, these tower coolers come with castor wheels and therefore you can move it wherever you want to without any hassle.

Mosquitoes and many insects can be irritating during summer evenings. So can be the dust. All the Slimm series tower coolers are equipped with collapsible louvers that will be prevent the entry of dust and insects.