Washing Machine Buying Guide - How to Choose the Right One

Washing Machine Buying Guide - How to Choose the Right One

Today, washing machines have become an important part of our household life and choosing the right one may seem like a challenging task. There are a good number of washing machines in the market, and they differ in terms of their features, capacity, load and function. Choosing the right laundry washing machine in India means choosing a portable washing machine according to its unique features like a quick wash, wash programs, protective rat mesh, child lock, digital display, hot wash and temperature control and so on.

Voltas has a large range of washing machines to choose from. They differ in terms of their features, functions, load and capacity. Some models even have unique features like a quick wash, wash programs, child lock, hot wash, temperature control, digital display etc. Here are some of the factors you can consider while finding the right washing machine for you:

Types Of Washing Machines

Discover comfort with a top load washing machine

Eventually, it all comes down to comfort. Top load machines are much easier to use when compared to front-load washing machines. The advantage is that one does not have to bend to dump the clothes in. You can just place the clothes while simply standing. However, if you do have severe joint or back issues, you want to choose a top load washing machine without thinking twice. But, if you can adjust with these arrangements, then a front load washing machine is advantageous for spin speed, water consumption or performance.

Discover innovation with a front-load washing machine

A front-load washing machine has an effective wash technology. It removes stubborn stains in just one attempt. The top-load serves the same function as well but instead makes the clothes hard and is not as effective as a top-load. Problems like washing bulk or large laundries like blankets, bedsheets or carpets fail to remove the tough stains and can result in an improper wash. These problems do not occur with a front-load washing machine and can even sustain the gentleness and softness of the clothes.

Semi-automatic VS Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic - The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines require manpower. A semi-automatic washer can be affordable even for a common man because of its comparatively lower prices than a fully automatic washing machine. You have to manually add some water to the tub and drain it completely after the wash cycle. They are also advantageous as they help save water, as they do not need continuous water flow for its operation. Do not forget that semi-automatic machines are all top-load washing machines.

Make Your Life Easy With a Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines can be categorized into front-load and top-load washing machines. Picking a fully automatic washer is a better decision when compared to the other ones. You can make your life easier as all you have to do is place your laundry into the drum and some detergent powder and start the operation. This can save your time and also deliver the clothes neatly and without stains. Note that these are all automatic features, and thus, these types of machines can be more expensive than semi-automatic ones.

Know The Right Washing Machine Capacity for Your Family

How much is your Washing Load?

There are two things you should be considering when you are confused between a fully and semi-automatic machine. They are the machine sizes that include the capacity and dimensions, including height, depth, and width. A medium-size washing machine has a capacity of about 6-7 kg per wash. This is the general size of washers and is appropriate for Indian families. A large machine can accommodate at least about 8 to 9 kgs of clothes. There are also some models that can even carry a load of 11 kgs. Although these larger machines generally carry a bigger load but are typically costlier. If you live in a household with two people, a 9 kg capacity washing machine would be sufficient. If you live in a household with four people and more, washing machines with 14 kg will suffice.

How Long Should Your Laundry Be In The Washer?

Sometimes, your laundry cannot be that easy. A regular wash cycle usually takes between 35 minutes to 55 minutes to complete. However, the time may vary and become longer or quicker depending on load size and the cycles, and the options you choose. It is important to select the right washer cycle. Voltas clothes washing machine accounts for these differences by helping you with a quick wash and dry for your laundry.

Save Water With The Right Washing Machine

Around 13% of household water is used in the laundry, but this can be lesser with the right washing machine. A fully automatic front load model takes anywhere between 50 litres to 60 litres of water per wash. However, it primarily depends on the size and the wash cycle, and the water level selected in the washing machine. A fully automatic front load washing machine uses about 60 litres of water. A fully automatic top load washing machine uses about 140 litres of water. And semi-automatic washing machines use about 120 litres of water.

Why Should You Choose Voltas Washing Machine?

Mothers love what we have to offer. The Voltas washing machine specifications and the prices for what the services are designed are best suited for Indian homes. The Voltas clothes washing machine and its innovation ensure complete satisfaction for the Indian consumer, making fully automatic top loading washing machine India a favoured choice.. With great experience comes great expertise. Thus, we recommend you choose nothing but the best.

No matter which washing machine model you choose, make sure it lasts longer and a decision that you will not regret in future. According to your needs, wants and requirements, save time and money by choosing the right machine amongst all the alternatives in the market.