What is Active Fresh Blue Light Technology in Voltas Beko Refrigerators

What is Active Fresh Blue Light Technology in Voltas Beko Refrigerators

Do you eat your fruits and vegetables fresh as you buy them because you feel keeping them in the fridge would degrade their quality? Do your food products taste different when kept in the fridge for a few days? Is your refrigerator only meant for keeping your drinks and meats cold? If you answer yes, then you need a Voltas Beko’s refrigerator as these are more than just cooling systems.

Our fridges are equipped with the finest technology and features that maintain food quality and increase their shelf life. For instance, the Active Fresh Blue Light technology in Voltas fridges retains the natural nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables, allowing you to consume fresh fruits even after storing them for days together. Here are some other benefits of the Active Fresh Blue Light technology in Voltas Beko refrigerators.

Protects vitamin C in fruits and vegetables

With Active Fresh Blue Light technology in our refrigerators, the vitamin C component of fruits and vegetables is protected. The drawers use the blue LED lights and perform photosynthesis to preserve vitamin C and retain the nutrition, proteins and vitamins of your fruits and vegetables. This keeps you healthy and prevents food wastage.

Maintains natural flavours

Quite often, the taste of fruits and vegetables changes when kept in the refrigerator with other products or if they are stored for too long. However, our Active Fresh Blue Light technology creates an anti-bacterial atmosphere inside the refrigerator, which maintains the flavour and nourishment of fruits and vegetables long after they’ve been stored in the fridge.

Complements ION guard

The ION guard in Voltas fridges plays a critical role in keeping your food bacteria-free. It creates negative IONs and neutralises positive ions produced by the bacteria, thus killing the bacteria and viruses that cause foul odours. It also keeps the air clean and fresh, preventing any contamination of food. When combined with Active Fresh Blue Light technology, the ION guard enhances the protection level and promises quality and unadulterated food.

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It is time you bring home the refrigerator that frees you from worrying about consuming healthy and fresh food. Let the ION guard, Active Fresh Blue Light Technology and other features play the role of maintaining your foods’ naturalness and improving your health! Order your smart fridge from Voltas now and guarantee your well-being.